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Supplement Stories with Andrew Sharon

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 8, 2023

Supplement Stories with Andrew Sharon

Andrew Sharon has been a Makers Nutrition team member since 2021. He has excelled in serving his clients with exceptional care and support. So much so that he has climbed his way to the role as Account Manager, conducting more detailed work throughout our turnkey solution for health brands both local and across the globe. Today he sheds some light on what the transition from Product Specialist to Account Manager has been like and what he has gained since. 

Q: What has the shift from Product Specialist to Account Manager made you realize about your potential here at Makers Nutrition?

If I had to identify one thing, it’d be that I have a knack for interpersonal communication I did not realize would come so naturally to me. I’ve always been the type who relishes solitude andused to say I’m more of a listener than anything else, but becoming an Account Manager has helped me see myself from a different perspective that I wish I’d known about earlier on in life.

Q: Do you find anything more challenging as an Account Manager? Easier?

The complete shift from Product Specialist to being the primary point of communication for many, many clients. I do love being afforded the opportunity to form long-lasting business relationships, but the learning curve during transition was tough. However, getting up in the morning is much easier now!

Q: Now an Account Manager, what would you tell yourself as a Product Specialist? 

Given the opportunity, I’d tell myself to pay more attention to what my partner [Account Manager] does every second of the day! That learning curve I mentioned before definitely would not have been so brutal had I put them under a microscope instead of periodically glancing at what they do day-to-day. The small details matter more than you think.

Q: Is there any aspect of being an Account Manager that you enjoy more or less than you did as a Product Specialist?  

I believe just about every aspect of the position is more enjoyable than what I did as a Product Specialist; above all, I thoroughly enjoy having the conversations I have with both new prospects & long-term clients alike, rather than having one conversation with a fresh prospect, then passing them along the chain to my old Account Manager. If I had to pick one negative, it’d be that I am the one who must deal with the problems now – can’t pass those off to anyone anymore!

Q: Having quickly climbed your way from Product Specialist to Account Manager in less than two years at Makers Nutrition, what new goals have you set for yourself? What’s on your radar for success? 

I honestly haven’t had the time for introspection to establish a new goal for myself – I’ve already hit many of the milestones I thought would take much longer than they did to attain that I set for myself at 20 years old, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I’m the type of person that’s only ever comfortable with being uncomfortable, always trying something new, and I always want more than what I currently have (or, so my wife says…), but I don’t have a specific updated goal that’s easily articulated right now. 

Career Journey at Makers Nutrition

If you are interested in learning more about what it is like working at Makers Nutrition, feel free to roam our blog for other editions of Supplement Stories. Although Andrew here does not yet have any new goals set, he is well-suited to achieve any that he sets. Why? Because he has the attitude and mindset needed to work towards any goal he can think of and any goal we put in his path. We look for people just like Andrew to join our team—those who possess the appetite for success required in sales.  

Customer First 

For anyone looking to enter the supplement service sales industry, know that you are entering the customer service industry. We are the team that prioritizes customer support because no other nutraceutical manufacturing company does it like we do. Have you recently graduatedhigh school or college and are unsure about the next step, but know you are a people person and want to make a lot of money? Makers Nutrition may just be the place for you! 

Perks and Benefits of Working at Makers 

Having been named a BIG Best Place to Work and Inc. Magazine Best Place to Work consecutively, we are known to offer a whole host of benefits: health insurance, seven paid holidays, paid time off, an Employee of the Month program, and sales incentives that really add up! We also enjoy in-house workout equipment, free breakfasts, and lunches with which our CEO Jason Provenzano likes to surprise his team, an annual Halloween costume contest, charitable food drives, and annual holiday dinners. With a laidback environment that emphasizes productivity but also the importance of an enjoyable workplace, Makers Nutrition allows employees to truly grow where they are planted. 


If you would like to join our team, please keep a lookout for our employment opportunitiesthrough!

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