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Supplement Stories with Jimmy Morrell: Eager to Help

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 12, 2023

Supplement Stories with Jimmy Morrell: Eager to Help

On our team at Makers Nutrition is a bright, friendly, knowledgeable Product Specialist who enjoys the ability to use his background and what he continues to learn in helping startup brands, doctors, fitness trainers and other entrepreneurs in building their businesses strategically and effectively. His name is Jimmy Morrell, whom I had the opportunity of sitting down with to chat about his experience so far. Read on, and you might just find that you have landed on your next supplement manufacturer


Q: You started here at Makers Nutrition six months ago as a Product Specialist. What have you found most surprising about the position or the company? 

A: The dedication we have to customer service and helping our clients anyway we can! A lot of companies don’t focus all that much on customer service and a lot of the time, that is a make or break for a client. Makers Nutrition genuinely cares about our clients and creates personal relationships with them and I’m very happy to be part of a team and company that sees the value in doing so!

That’s right, we are 100% about customer service. Without it, our company has nothing to stand on. Sure, every vitamin manufacturer can say they manufacture your supplement, but what about the in-between? The lines of communication? What happens when you call or email for a production update? Do they answer the phone? Do they respond to your messages? Makers Nutrition has a record response rate that beats most manufacturers in the industry? Not only can you call overnight and receive a call the next day, or email with a general inquiry or your Product Specialist directly. You can message us on social media, like Facebook or Instagram and get an answer within hours or even minutes. Curious? Try it out!


Q: Having graduated from Stony Brook University with a BA in Economics, do you find your education applicable to your current position? 

A: Definitely, especially when a client is interested in pricing. One of the basic things about economics is supply and demand, which applies to the supplement market as well! When a product is becoming very popular, more and more potential clients are interested in manufacturing these products causing the demand for this product to go up. It definitely helps to have this background to assist and explain the process to our clients!

Our team can bring something new to the table. They know which ingredients are trending and what is on the rise. Specialists like Jimmy are happy to discuss how your formula featuring an up-and-coming ingredient can catapult sales for your brand.  


Q: Do you find your athletic background useful when discussing sports nutrition productswith clients? 

A: Yes I do as my athletic background has led me to take supplements myself. I take and have taken many different proteins and pre-workouts before. As a result, I had some background knowledge about certain ingredients and what they do prior to working here. It has allowed me to share some insight to prospective clients that may not know exactly how just one ingredient can help their customers.

Jimmy is one of several team members who knows what he or she is talking about when it comes to sports nutrition supplements. Pre- and post-workouts are among the most popular products privately labeled and custom ordered. From energy support to muscle recovery, athletes, gym goers, and bodybuilders all take interest in these supplements because of the benefits they offer and edge they provide over competition. Are you a trainer? When you request a quote for a sports product, ask to speak with Jimmy who can equally discuss workout supplements that you are looking into offering. 


Q: What do you enjoy most about the role you play in clients’ business ventures? 

A: Being able to help them every step of the way and grow together. That’s something that I have seen as unique about Makers Nutrition from the start. We pride ourselves on making connections and helping our clients grow from whatever point they are at in their business when they come to us. 

Whether you are a startup or seasoned company, we treat each client the same. Your startup is just as important as the 25-year-old brand that is thriving. You deserve nothing but the very best in client support and that is what we are here to provide, so you too can one day become that thriving brand! 


Q: What would you say is prospective clients’ biggest concern before manufacturing a dietary supplement? How do you reassure them that Makers Nutrition is the ideal service provider? 

A: Most clients are unsure about one thing in particular about the manufacturing process itself. It could also be the actual manufacturing of the product, the labeling of the product, or compliance. Here at Makers, we are the full, turn-key solution to take away any doubts or concerns. We have the best graphic design and compliance team and are very transparent throughout the entire process. Being that full, turn-key solution is very reassuring to these prospective clients knowing everything will be done correctly, safely, and in one place.

You are already ahead of the game by partnering with Makers Nutrition because we are the one-stop solution for all of your dietary supplement service needs. Here, you have your product manufactured, labeled, packaged, and warehoused before distribution. There is no running from vitamin manufacturer to printer to fulfillment center. As Jimmy pointed out, we have the best graphic design and compliance team and are very transparent throughout the process. While we remain on top of supply chain delays, we keep you in the loop. We don’t lie like other providers do just to gain your business. That is a set up for a short-term business relationship. We are in it for the long haul with you as our client. That is why we are consistently honest with you. We show you how we are making your dream vision possible, keeping you in the know every step of the way. 


Q: As you are well on your way to success at Makers Nutrition, what are you looking forward to the most as you advance?  

A: I definitely think it’s watching our clients grow from whenever we first made contact with them! There is just something about helping another person that’s very different from doing something for yourself. It is very fulfilling knowing that you’re helping a client achieve their goals and dreams, especially when we are building those relationships with our clients, it makes it all the better!

We are proud to have Jimmy on our team and look forward to seeing where his dedication to helping others takes him, Makers Nutrition, and his clients! Call 1-844-625-3771 and ask to speak with Mr. Morrell today!

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