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Supplement Stories with Mike Shivers

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 16, 2023

Supplement Stories with Mike Shivers

If you are a vitamin brand owner, fitness trainer, or startup entrepreneur shopping around for a turnkey supplement manufacturer, look no further. Makers Nutrition employs top talent, including people like Mike Shivers, our newest Product Specialist, to show clients like you why Makers Nutrition is so much more than a dietary supplement company and easily outpaces the others vying for your business.

Product Specialist Mike Shivers has gained knowledge, experience, and the insight needed to best serve our clients. Here's just the beginning of a conversation you can continue with him by calling 1-844-625-3771.

Q: You entered your role as Product Specialist here at Makers Nutrition over five months ago. What did you find most helpful during your training? Did the training ever really end? Or is it more of an ongoing process? 

A: Over the last five months I’ve learned that urgency is one of the most important things to know in this role. Learning from the great colleagues I have, I now know that a strong sense of urgency allows you to identify any potential issues quickly, giving you more time to develop solutions. I feel that urgency also helps live up to our reputation because we can respond promptly to clients and deliver content quickly, which is important for creating the positive reputation we have here at Makers. The training in this field never ends, you are always learning something new and exciting every day.

Q: Having obtained an Associate’s degree in Psychology, do you find your education applicable to your position now speaking with clients? If so, how? 

A: Of course! Just like psychology, sales is a growing field. Every day you are learning something new, or you encounter a new opportunity to understand and build relationships. Understanding relationships has really assisted me in the best way possible. I think relationship selling is most important to clients. They want prioritization and connection with their partner and that’s what I strive to provide. 

Q: Are there any skills from previous jobs that now serve you well in sales? 

A: Most certainly, I’ve worked in all sorts of industries from food service to construction and the one thing I’ve learned is that customer service is a crucial skill to have. In fact, it is the key to a successful business relationship. There’s nothing more important in this career than building interpersonal communication. It’s more than just making a sale over the phone; I pride myself in building a long-lasting relationship with my clients, as well as being transparent with my clients, so it really come down to customer service. 

Q: Many of our Product Specialists know a lot about vitamins and supplements, from daily multivitamins to pre-workouts, because they are supplement takers themselves. Do you use any supplements? If so, have you found speaking from experience beneficial in conversation with potential clients and leads? 

A: I do use supplements daily. I take greens, melatonin, multivitamins, and pre workouts. I’ve learned that taking supplements is very beneficial in conversation because it gives me the opportunity to ask clients questions that I wouldn’t know to ask if I didn’t take those supplements. It opens the door to diving deeper in depth with potential clients and seeing what kind of value they are looking to get out of their product. Whether it’s from flavor profiling or knowing the newest trends coming out of the industry, taking supplements is definitely beneficial in this industry. 

Q: As you are well on your way to success at Makers Nutrition, what are you looking forward to the most as you advance?  

A: As I advance through this role, the thing I look forward to the most is seeing small startups that begin with just one product turning into a giant organization with an expansive product line that they never thought would be possible. It makes my job most enjoyable seeing all the hard work these companies have gone through to expand and become what they are and seeing that hard work pays off while I’m by their side supporting them. 

Mike has the patience, commitment, and determination required to excel at Makers Nutrition. Our priority is and always will be to provide clients the best possible service and support throughout their journey to becoming an empire of a supplement brand. We hire individuals like Mike because we know that the combination of his mindset and the skillset he is currently developing is what separates us from other vitamin manufacturing companies. If you are looking to join a team that fosters growth and a work environment you look forward to entering every day, then look out for Makers Nutrition on job sites or contact us through our website to inquire about open positions today! 

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