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The Many Benefits of Manufacturing Children’s Multivitamins

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on February 15, 2023

The Many Benefits of Manufacturing Children’s Multivitamins

As the summer comes to a bittersweet end for many parents, they will not only be purchasing school supplies, but daily vitamins as well. Vitamins not only for themselves, but for their children. Offer a new kind of multivitamin with a label design that stops consumers in the aisles and allergen accommodations that lead to sales.

Which children need multivitamins?

Children should be getting most of their nutrients through the food they eat, but some individuals have medical conditions or do not eat enough of a variety that encompasses all five food groups. Either way, your private label brand could amplify the importance of children’s health by manufacturing with the assistance of our team. Your supplements could help:

  • Fill nutritional gaps
  • Improve energy levels
  • Support the immune system 
  • Ensure growth and development 
  • Make it easier for parents who can’t get their kids to eat that will benefit their minds and bodies 

Why manufacture multivitamins?

Multivitamins, especially in gummy form, are a great way to get children to obtain their daily recommended nutrients. They offer everything from Vitamin A for eye, skin, and bone health, to zinc for cognitive function and immune health. This is especially important when kids are picky eaters, and their parents struggle to get them to eat their fruits and veggies. When partnered with the appropriate vitamin manufacturing company, multivitamin gummies can taste great, making it easier for parents to administer a daily dose of beneficial supplements… and kids love them!

The profit

When I say the profit, I’m not talking about THE Profit, starring Marcus Lemonis, though we did have the unique opportunity to talk business with him. While supplying consumers with a trustworthy, quality-driven dietary supplement is absolutely important, we do not neglect the fact that everything comes down to money. According to, the global market for multivitamin supplements was worth over $23 billion in 2017, and that value just keeps climbing. Let your private label brand be the one that sees sales soar by offering a hot-on-the-market product and with the help of an award-winning service provider.  

Startup Supplement Manufacturing

Are you a startup looking to #buildabrand strategically? Hit the ground running with a high-quality, flavorful multivitamin that will kickstart your business. Makers Nutrition offers an array of stock formulas for you to private label. We are well-equipped with the knowledge and resources that will help bring product from concept to fruition. Through our stock supplement program which calls for low minimum order quantities, startups have the opportunity to compete with the biggest brands and get their product to market quickly but efficiently, without compromise. 

Stock Supplements

If you are new to the nutraceuticals game, stock products are the way to go for young business owners like yourself. This way, you can spend less until you have a larger following and more wiggle room with the profit you make. Our stock program offers nutrient-dense, pectin-based multivitamin gummies for kids that are easy to add to your private label line.  They are filled with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for optimal growth, brain function, and immune system support. These gummies are naturally strawberry, orange, and cherry flavored, and bear-shaped, making them very similar to the not-so-healthy gummy bear candies to which kids are usually drawn. Better yet, these gummies are gluten free, non-GMO, and do not contain the common allergens that may prevent children from taking certain supplements. You can visit our site or contact us directly to ask about our other white label formulas that are not only vegetarian friendly, suitable for vegans, and free of artificial preservatives, but are also readily available to be packaged and delivered straight to your door faster than a custom order. 

Custom children’s multivitamins

If you are in a more financially secure position, or are already well-established in the industry, you may also submit a custom formula satisfying a higher MOQ for us to help manufacture, package, fulfill, and deliver premium multivites. There is very little we cannot do. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, so if you submit a formula for a berry-flavored gummy, get ready to be blown away by a berry blast of easy-to-chew, delicious supplements that are actually appetizing to children. 

Multivitamin Flavoring Systems

It is easy to go online and find a vitamin manufacturer that seems to offer a similar deal. But when was the last time they updated their methods of flavoring? Makers Nutrition recently advanced its flavor systems, which has improved the multivitamins we help manufacture, as well as custom powders. If your children’s multivitamins work out well for your business, then you may choose to expand with a children’s multivitamin powder. We are the vitamin manufacturing service provider for that too! Innovate right alongside Makers Nutrition by introducing consumers to new dietary supplement formats, grow by partnering with the company that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of not just its clients, but YOUR customers. Citrus, apple, watermelon—you name it, we can make it! While the typical vitamin manufacturer could just promise you that the flavor will match what you have in mind, we create a flavor profile to match your specifications and don’t stop until we have absolutely perfected the flavor you are looking to offer customers.

Gummy vitamin market and powder vitamin market

Speaking of gummies, you should know that the popularity of the gummy format continues to climb with the market size estimated to hit $10 billion by 2015. However, your customers will have just as easy a time getting their children to take their vitamins through a quick-dissolving powder. This format has grown by 20% over a 52-week period that ended on July 10, 2022. Keep the powder option in mind when expanding your offerings with the vitamin manufacturer that can do it all! 

Vitamin manufacturing and package designing

Be it a white label multivitamin or custom formula, your brand is going to need a partner to rely on. Unlike most of the companies you see on the web, we are not just your vitamin manufacturer, we are your one-stop shop for all of the heavy lifting required to achieve a top-notch outcome. Makers Nutrition handles everything under one roof that is FDA registered, with a compliance team that makes sure your dietary supplements are GMP-compliant. And that’s not all. We are staffed with very talented graphic designers who will come up with a standout label for your multivitamin package. Like our flavoring technicians, our designers want to match what you have in mind. They are all ears when it comes to discussing your logo idea. If you don’t have an eye for design and need some assistance in that department, bounce some thoughts around with your designer. He or she will be happy to learn your style and how best to execute the look of your label.

Vitamin fulfilment services 

Ditch the dilemmas you are bound to face with a fulfillment center, especially if you are just starting out. The center could take advantage of what you don’t know and end up ripping you off. Here at Makers Nutrition, we value your business and are striving to foster a long-term business relationship with all of our clients. You can count on us to fulfill your order in bottles, bags, or boxes. If you have questions about our virtually limitless packaging options, click here. Once your naturally or artificially flavored, non-GMO or vegan friendly multivitamins are manufactured and packaged in eye-catching containers, we safely and securely warehouse them in our state-of-the-art facility. Be it exclusive manufacturing, just label design, only fulfillment, or a combination of all, if you want to offer top-of-the-line multivitamins, Makers Nutrition is the full-service provider with the capabilities and capacity to get the job done! Call us today at 1-844-625-3771 to get started. 


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