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The Power of Polyphenols and Why You Should Manufacture Them

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on June 26, 2023

The Power of Polyphenols and Why You Should Manufacture Them

The polyphenol market was valued at 1.6 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $2.7 billion by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2021-2030. With the help of a supplement manufacturer as experienced and as supportive as Makers Nutrition, your business can benefit greatly from healthy growth and top-notch service throughout the process of manufacturing, packaging, and delivering white label or custom formulated polyphenol supplements. Learn all about it down below.

What are polyphenols?

Polyphenols, or phytonutrients, are beneficial plant compounds with antioxidant properties that can help keep one healthy and protect against a number of illnesses. They can be subdivided into flavonoids, phenolic acid, polyphenolic amides, and more. Polyphenols are the largest, most researched group of naturally occurring antioxidants that support overall health through various mechanisms, which we will get into. But first, although there are over 8,000 types of polyphenols, let’s discuss their four main groups.

  1. Flavonoids: Accounting for approximately 60% of all polyphenols, flavonoids include catechins, kaempferol, quercetin, and anthocyanins, which are found in foods like red cabbage, dark chocolate, onions, and apples.
  2. Phenolic acid: This group accounts for about 30% of all polyphenols. Examples include lignans and stilbenes, which are mostly found in fruits, vegetables, seeds, and whole grains.
  3. Polyphenolic amides: A group including capsaicinoids in chili peppers and avenanthramides in oats.
  4. Other polyphenols: This is the ‘more’ category. This group includes resveratrol in red wine, ellagic acid in berries, lignans in flax seeds, curcumin in turmeric, whole grains, and sesame seeds.

While food is the richest source of polyphenols, supplements can be manufactured to meet the needs of people who may not necessarily eat all the fruits and vegetables they should on a regular basis. The phytonutrients can be naturally found in certain ingredients that Makers Nutrition can seamlessly manufacture, package, and warehouse in a state-of-the-art GMP facility for you to drop ship or sell straight from your shop.

Private label polyphenols

If you run a startup health brand, then your goal is likely to save money but get a lot of value for what you do spend. Well, with Makers Nutrition that is a real possibility. We cater to startups and entrepreneurs just getting their footing on the market. We roll out the red carpet by carrying over 100 formulas for you to private label with your own brand name.

Among these private label formulas are polyphenol-comprising products, including deliciously flavored, carbonated energy drinks with caffeine and spinach-comprising green superfood powder. You can order these at a competitively low MOQ and price, with the safety of fully-insured freight to be delivered straight to your door. And you save money there too, as we cut the best deals with the nation’s top carrier, without cutting corners.

Custom polyphenol supplements

We primarily facilitate the custom manufacturing of supplements you formulate. Perhaps you are a naturopathic doctor or a holistic health practitioner. Makers Nutrition is here to help get products on shelves and/or online for you as efficiently as possible. Polyphenol supplements may include:

  • Caffeine, as stated above, which is a polyphenol found in coffee, cocoa, yerba matte, and green tea, which contains phenolic compounds, such as chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid.
  • Quercetin, a flavanol that has gained a great deal of popularity over the past few years, likely due to its role in regulating immune system function, supporting healthy inflammatory pathways, and processing potent antioxidant and anti-viral agencies.
  • Berberine, a naturally occurring phytochemical in plants like goldenseal, tree turmeric, and Oregon grape. Most traditionally, it has been used for blood glucose levels and blood pressure. Berberine can also help insulin sensitivity by increasing the number and activity of available insulin receptors. Some of its main mechanisms include inhibiting NF-kappaB, a cell signaling molecule involved in inflammatory and immune responses.

Health benefits of polyphenols

All this talk about ways to sell polyphenols in the shape of dietary supplements, and we haven’t expressed the general benefits polyphenols have to offer. Recent research has found that polyphenol consumption can help:

  • Increase vascular blood flow
  • Combat free radical damage
  • Improve endothelial function
  • Protect against UV damage
  • Protect against heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and neurodegenerative diseases

In addition, there is promising research on the horizon for the ability of polyphenols to activate longevity pathways and to modulate aging-related pathways. Gears may be turning in your head as to the different directions in which you can take your private label brand with polyphenols. You can target the masses, you can target niche groups of consumers who wish to lengthen their lifespan and improve all different areas of health, like those listed above.

Delivery formats

Your brand can benefit everyone, from children and teens to young adults and the elderly. Especially if kids are picky eaters, parents can rely on your tasty polyphenol gummies that comprise the phytonutrient properties found in fruits and vegetables that remain untouched on their children’s plates. Polyphenols show anti-inflammatory benefits for elderly, potentially

preventing harm from inflammatory diseases. However, it might not be the easiest for elderly consumers to chew gummies. Therefore, you instead wish to offer them powders, capsules, softgels, or tablets. We can help you manufacture and package fine powder that mixes easily into water, or softgels that are small and easy to swallow. Any supplement that is small and can be colored is great for older people, as they sometimes have difficulty seeing the pill itself. Makers Nutrition has the ability to color coat capsules and tablets, making them visible to a weakened eye.

Branching out

On that note, if you succeed with polyphenol supplements, you may wish to expand your line with eye health products. You may again choose a lower MOQ at a lower price or submit your custom formula that will help preserve your customers’ vision. Once we show you how smooth our process of manufacturing, packaging, and delivering vitamins and supplement is, we hope you will return for another run with either the same product or a completely new one.

Quality assurance

The safest, most qualified way to offer high quality polyphenol supplements, any supplements for that matter, is by allowing Makers Nutrition to source the finest raw materials that will make for excellent, contaminant-free products. Before anything is warehoused, our quality assurance teams makes sure all of your specifications are accurate. Color, shape, size, bottle contents, number of capsules—we thoroughly complete a checklist that ensure absolute satisfaction when you receive your products.

Why Makers Nutrition for supplement manufacturing?

Offering the finest in custom supplement manufacturing, design, packaging and fulfillment services to the dietary supplement industry, Makers Nutrition is committed to top quality and service at very competitive prices, providing the very best value for every client. We have gotten clients out of tough positions they were left in by their previous vitamin manufacture. We have paved the way for them to gradually build out their supplement line and make a name for themselves on the market. We are the company that took their business to another level and it has been nothing but successful since.

Awards won

Earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America twice in three years, and a third BIG Excellence in Customer Service Award, the organization has certainly exceeded expectations for its clients, helping them achieve business goals they never thought possible.

Want to be one of those clients? Call us today at 1-844-625-3771.


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