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Top Ten FAQs for a Supplement Manufacturer

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 1, 2023

Top Ten FAQs for a Supplement Manufacturer

The GMP facility you can rely on for your supplement manufacturing project is the one that gives you straight answers and doesn’t take you through a loop just to be disappointed in their services. We are the nutraceutical industry’s #1 supplement manufacturing, graphic design, packaging, and fulfillment company. In other words, we do it all so you can see your business soar. Below are the top ten most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective clients that help them decide Makers Nutrition is the ideal choice supplement partner.

Question #1: Do you drop ship?

A: Makers Nutrition provides private label supplements, as well as custom manufacturing and fulfillment services for your brand. We do not have a brand of our own and we do not ship unlabeled bottles to consumers so we cannot work as a traditional, established brand that would work with drop shipping because the brand must first be established.

Question #2: Are You FDA registered?

A: Yes! In fact, we are voluntarily audited twice annually by the FDA’s proxy NSF, which allows us to remain a GMP-registered facility. Our team takes regulatory requirements very seriously, so we do everything we can to ensure your product is manufactured and produced in a safe environment, free from any disruptions. Keep in mind, if your current contract manufacturing partner is not FDA registered or GMP compliant, then you may be at a disadvantage. FDA regulations maintain the safety, purity, and accuracy of not only your products, but the process through which business is handled through facilities.

Question #3: What Does cGMP Mean?

A: Current Good Manufacturing Practice is a system which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize risks involved in production that cannot be eliminated via testing the final product. From hygiene of employees to the purity and safety of your dietary supplements, GMP is the documentation to prove that all procedures and protocols are following every step of the way.

Question #4: What kind of testing do you do?

A: All raw materials that enter the lab are immediately quarantined. They undergo microbial, heavy metal, and potency testing. Once the supplement has been manufactured, the finished product undergoes the same tests to ensure safety and quality before it reaches your place of business.

Question #5: How does the labeling process work?

A: Our clients order private label or custom formula supplements from Makers Nutrition. We produce the manufactured and packaged products. Our clients work with our designers or their

own to create attractive, FDA compliant labels for the product which we apply as the final step in the manufacturing process. Our clients’ products are then sold both in retail establishments and online.

Question #6: I understand you also handle fulfillment. How does that work?

A: Many of our clients utilize our fulfillment services for their ecommerce business. For those clients, once their product has been manufactured and moved to our fulfillment facilities, online sales work like traditional drop shipping. Our facilities are integrated with all the top ecommerce platforms to process orders immediately for orders of any size, from a single bottle to truckloads.

As previously shared by Makers Nutrition’s General Manager Steve Finnegan, one of the pitfalls of shipping freight is that it is rarely insured for its full value, especially in the dietary supplement industry. Most people fail to ask the right questions and assume that all freight is fully insured. The truth is that there is a cap on the insurance provided with full-load freight and that LTL freight is based on a fixed amount per pound. In our industry, a loss of freight can be disastrous as the product almost always requires expensive, additional insurance to cover the value of the shipment. Too many shippers find out the hard way that their freight is under-insured when they receive a reimbursement of pennies on the dollar for lost freight. Makers Nutrition has a master policy that covers all of our shipments for their full value. Such a policy might be impractical or unaffordable to an occasional, small-volume shipper and so they take a big risk with each shipment. As part of our one-stop shop concept, we offer freight scheduling to all of our clients, fully insured, under our master policy.

Question #7: What are your most popular products?

A: Makers Nutrition is primarily a custom manufacturing service company. The products we produce are from formulas supplied by our clients, we do not have a brand of our own. As far as what sells best industry-wide, bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements are always popular. Collagen and vitamin B-based health and beauty supplements are currently very popular. Natural, anti-inflammatory related products are growing steadily in popularity as well. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consumers’ emphasized concern about overall wellness, we have experienced a surge of interest in immune system supporting supplements. Vitamins C and D are two main ingredients in many of the custom formulations we work with when manufacturing products for immune health.

Question #8: What Delivery Options Do You Offer?

A: We provide our clients with virtually every option. We can ship FTL, LTL, expedited or guaranteed. We offer liftgate delivery, curbside delivery, refrigerated delivery, inside or white glove delivery. Through our state-of-the-art fulfillment services, we can deliver anything from a single bottle, shipped ground or express, to a full truckload. We deliver to any address in the continental United States, including to any export facility. We also allow our clients to schedule and pick up their own freight. Finally, of course, we provide our clients with online tracking access for any shipment Makers Nutrition handles.

Question #9: How Do I Know if What Order is What I am Going to Get?

A: Every step of the process is signed off by the client. At all times, you are in the loop, and never left guessing in the dark. Product specification is very important to us, which is why we make sure that what is listed on your label is exactly what is in your supplement container. Each dietary ingredient included is approved by you, be it a stock product or a custom formula.

Question #10: Why do so many wellness brands trust Makers Nutrition?

A: We take pride in our reputation because we are one-of-a-kind. We don’t just manufacture your product and ship it out. We serve as your supplement manufacturer, graphic designer, co-packer, and fulfillment center. We don’t release anything for distribution until we know that what we have produced is 100% up to your standards and ours… and we have some pretty high ones. So does the FDA. Every single bottle may go out is labeled with “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration,” but our experts know that the FDA is certainly watching. And they aren’t afraid to remove something from the market that violates their regulations. People come to us because we can guarantee them quality, customer service, and value like they have never experienced before. Unlike other posing vitamin manufacturers, we carry out all business under one credible, qualified roof.

For the benefit of you, your customers, and your business, we advise you do research on the supplement manufacturers currently vying for your partnership. We will be here when you are ready to launch with the one you can count on!

When that time comes, call 1-844-625-3771 and we will get the ball rolling for your next best-selling supplements.

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