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Transparency in Nutraceutical Manufacturing: Know Who is Private Labeling Your Products

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on September 14, 2022

Transparency in Nutraceutical Manufacturing: Know Who is Private Labeling Your Products

When you consider what vitamin and dietary supplement consumers value most in the brands they buy from, quality and value may come to mind. But have you thought about trust? According to Nutrition Industry Executive, more than 55% of consumers say having “transparent and open business practices” builds trust in a company and trust in a company makes consumers more likely to buy their product (68%), recommend them to a friend or colleague (59%), and even pay more money for a product (37%). These are significant statistics to note when choosing a supplement manufacturer for both you as a brand and your customers who are the ultimate deciders of whether your supplement business succeeds.

The importance of transparency when manufacturing supplements

Consumer awareness and health consciousness is higher than ever, brands like yours are finding themselves in need of innovation to stand out. Even with FDA and GMP registration, your customers have many options to choose from. Dietary supplement users are asking more questions like “is this gluten free?” and “are there any fillers or additives in your capsules?” If you are not partnered with the right nutraceutical manufacturing company, then your customers cannot be reassured to the point where they will purchase your supplements. Today, you must know not only which raw materials are being sourced, but from where they are being sourced. This why you must choose a dietary supplement manufacturing company that is transparent about its capabilities and can confirm all necessary structure/function claims. Makers Nutrition is here to closely follow your specifications that were inspired by your customers’ needs. We source the finest raw materials from around the globe so you can guarantee your customers the finest sourced ingredients manufactured into a high-quality product. Unlike other vitamin manufacturers, we also test products to make sure they are allergen-free, whatever the claim may be, so there is no risk of trouble down the line. If you request a gluten-free gummy, gluten free you shall get. Fillers? Who needs ‘em?

Where You Manufacture Matters

When surveying the web and homing in on which service provider to manufacture your vitamins and supplements, are you looking into their credentials, the information they offer upfront about their company? Makers Nutrition advises prospective clients to keep these 11 golden rules in mind. Part of those rules are making sure that your provider is registered with the FDA and handle all products in a GMP-compliant facility. Why? Because this is the best way to ensure that your vitamins are being produced in adherence to strict standards of safety and quality. You want to easily be able to list on your package “produced in a GMP facility” because vitamin consumers know what to look for and will easily pick the next-door brand sitting on the shelf. Don’t let another brand beat you with a GF logo. Manufacture with the help of Makers Nutrition who works in compliance with the FDA and meets standards that extend beyond those of GMP guidelines.

If the facility you may work with is GMP, ask where the facility is located. For all you know, they could be in another country when you want to do business in the U.S. exclusively. It does not hurt to ask questions, and we strongly advise you do.

Soaring supplement sales

Forget about the credentials for a moment. We know some readers are questioning whether to even jump into the nutraceutical industry for the first time or to give it another shot with a more suitable vitamin manufacturing service provider.

  • 77% of U.S. adults report they consume dietary supplements, according to a Council of Responsible Nutrition (CRN) 2019 Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements. The Business Journal reports that by 2023, supplement spend will be $1.4 billion higher than pre-COVID with 2020 sales having topped $50 billion. Read that again….

Where do you see your private label business in five years? With the above information, you should be imagining high growth with strategic marketing that draws in the masses. There is plenty of opportunity for health brands because people have awakened to the importance of supplementation and already health-conscious people are hyper aware of keeping up with their regimen. By signing on with Makers Nutrition, you can create innovative solutions for individuals who care about their wellness. You can provide innovative products for people who are looking to up their game. Be it a vegan and/or non-GMO capsule, tablet, softgel, powder, or gummy, you have the opportunity to go above and beyond what other brands have done. They don’t have a team as committed to their success as we will be to yours.

Benefits of Manufacturing with Makers Nutrition

  • When you work with us, you have the advantage of advanced manufacturing capabilities. No matter the format, we are equipped with highly advanced machinery and capacity to handle your largest (or smallest) of orders. With around the clock care, we can promise you customer service like you’ve never experienced before. Our product specialist will listen to your business goals and reassure you that your brand is in safe hands. Our production team will tend to the specifications of your product, and our graphic designers will draft up a fresh new look for your label.
  • At Makers Nutrition, all aspects are handled under one roof. We save you the time, energy, and money of jumping from supplement manufacturer to graphic designer to printer to co-packer to fulfillment center. Was that a mouthful? Because it should have been. This is a reality for countless nutraceutical brands who don’t know the convenience they are currently missing out on. They are trying to manage the timing of one piece while the other is running behind. When their product is manufactured and bottled but the labels are not done for whatever dilemma the outside graphic designer claims, their whole project gets delayed, which then delays success. With us, you can count on the lead time we provide.
  • Makers Nutrition has become the most awarded company in the industry due in large part to the ease of mind we allow our clients to enjoy. With us, there is no juggling or managing to be done. We do the heavy lifting so our clients can focus more so on the strategic branding and marketing their team plans to carry out.

Once you have reached the final step in your run with Makers Nutrition, you will see that the simplicity of our process outpaces any supplement manufacturing company you have partnered with in the past. We are upfront about what we can and cannot do (though the latter is a limited list). When you contact us and request a quote over the phone, if you ask about our stock liquids, we will tell you we do not offer them and we do not facilitate the manufacturing of custom liquids. We will, however, discuss our other stock options that may best suit your goals. Say you would like to offer a superfood tincture. Though a direct liquid is not an option, we will suggest a powder that can become a liquid and serve your customers just as well. We offer nutritious, deliciously flavored red and green superfoods that can be privately labeled with your brand name. We try our very best to satisfy your needs, our goal is to be the company you need us to be. And we are just one click away!


  • Reinson, Evelyn. “Transparency in Nutraceutical Manufacturing.” Nutrition Industry Executive, Aug. 2022, pp. 49-51.

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