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What is Private Label and Why Makers Nutrition?

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 7, 2023

What is Private Label and Why Makers Nutrition?

If you are just starting out as a vitamin brand, then you may want to take a cost-efficient avenue to kickstart your success. Makers Nutrition’s one-stop private label services allow entrepreneurs like you to begin their journey as strategically and wisely as possible. Instead of blowing through thousands just on a printing company or co-packer before you have even touched the manufacturing piece, we carry you through each step at a bundle price that involves no hidden fees and no gimmicks. We are a no-nonsense company because our team knows how frustrating it is to be on the other side, having spent way too much money and being left unsatisfied with service and quality that just didn’t meet the mark. Today, we are diving into how private labeling can save you a great deal of time, money, and headaches, and why Makers Nutrition is the supplement manufacturer you’ll want on your side.

So, what are private label products? 

Private label products are products that are manufactured by one company but sold under another company's brand name. Private label products are common in many industries, including the supplement and vitamin industry. Private label supplements and vitamins are often sold by retailers or online marketplaces under their own brand names, rather than the brand name of the manufacturer. That is why your customers will never see Makers Nutrition on your label, and instead only your brand name.

What are the benefits of private labeling? 

Here are the top 3 benefits of private label supplements for you and your customers: 

  1. They can offer cost savings compared to branded products because the manufacturer can produce the product in large quantities and sell it to multiple retailers. This can result in lower prices for both the retailer and the consumer. That means while we manufacture, package, and deliver your supplements, you will not be burdened with high costs, and nor will your customers. 
  2. Private label supplements and vitamins can be tailored to meet specific needs and preferences of the retailer and consumer. For example, a retailer may want to offer a private label vitamin that is vegetarian or gluten-free to appeal to a specific customer base. Makers Nutrition offers a wide variety of allergen friendly vitamins and supplements, ranging from vegetarian-friendly  gluten-free Vitamin C gummies to postpartum capsules. Through us, you can conveniently choose any of these private label options and have the product finished in as little as four weeks. 
  3. Private label supplements and vitamins can offer retailers a competitive advantage by allowing them to differentiate themselves from competitors. By offering unique private label products, retailers can attract customers who are looking for something different or who are loyal to the retailer's brand.

However, it's important to note that not all private label supplements and vitamins are created equal. Some vitamin manufacturers cut corners just to get the job done, even if that means compromising the safety of consumers. When it comes to the nutraceutical industry, it is extremely important that you partner with a supplement manufacturer as experienced and professional as Makers Nutrition because you can otherwise risk the health and safety of your customers and the reputation of your brand.

Above the rest  

We don’t just separate your brand from competition through high quality products and clean labels that attract all different consumers. We separate ourselves from the other manufacturers vying for your business through our turnkey supplement solution. You can call us up and count on top-notch manufacturing, design, packaging, and fulfillment services all under one big GMP-registered roof. 

What is GMP? 

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. It is a set of guidelines and standards that ensure that pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and other regulated products are consistently produced and controlled to meet quality standards appropriate for their intended use.

GMP covers all aspects of production, including the materials used, the equipment and facilities, the personnel involved in the production process, and the documentation and record-keeping procedures. 

GMP regulations are enforced by regulatory agencies such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to ensure that products are safe, pure, and effective for their intended use. Companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements must follow GMP guidelines to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure that their products are safe for consumer use.

If the company trying to gain your business right now does not have that stamp of safety, then reconsider signing on with them. Our team prioritizes safety because that is the first step any serious private label supplement manufacturer must take before creating any type of healthproduct for you and your customers. 

Competitive minimum order quantities 

Remember, the last thing you want, especially as a startup, is to blow through thousands of dollars on nothing. Unlike other vitamin manufacturers, we offer competitive pricing that simply doesn’t compare. In fact, Jason Provenzano, the CEO of Makers Nutrition, told BOSS Magazine in a 2019 interview that Makers Nutrition's minimum order quantities (MOQs) are designed to be flexible and to accommodate the needs of clients with a wide range of order sizes. He explained that while some contract manufacturers require large MOQs, Makers Nutrition offers minimumsas low as 500 units, making it easier for smaller companies to get started with private labeling.

Mr. Provenzano emphasized that Makers Nutrition is committed to helping clients grow their businesses, and that the company's flexible MOQs are just one of the ways we do this. He also noted that Makers Nutrition offers a range of other services, such as product formulation and packaging design, to help clients create high-quality products that stand out in the marketplace.

What types of private label products does Makers Nutrition offer?

While you can see all of Makers Nutrition’s private label supplements, some of our most popular private label products include:

  1. Vitamins and Minerals: Makers Nutrition offers a variety of vitamins and minerals, including multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, calcium, and magnesium. These products can be customized with unique formulations and dosages.
  2. Herbal Supplements: Makers Nutrition also offers a range of herbal supplements, such as echinacea, ginkgo biloba, and saw palmetto. These supplements are formulated to support various aspects of health and wellness.
  3. Sports Nutrition: Makers Nutrition's private label sports nutrition products include protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and amino acid supplements. These products are designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts achieve their performance goals.
  4. Weight Management: Makers Nutrition's private label weight management products include supplements designed to support healthy weight loss, such as fat burners, appetite suppressants, and metabolism boosters.

Should you take interest in offering the soon-to-be hot commodity, take a look at our private label energy drinks, available in five refreshing flavors:

  1. Bombsicle
  2. Peach ring candy
  3. Pineapple mango
  4. Blue razz
  5. Orange creamsicle 

These beverages are naturally caffeinated, contain no sugar, and will keep your customers coming back!

Summary: Reasons to private label through Makers Nutrition

There are many reasons why you should consider private labeling through Makers Nutrition, but here are the top 5:

  1. Quality: Makers Nutrition is committed to providing high-quality products that meet the highest industry standards. We use only the best raw materials and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture their supplements.
  2. Flexibility: Makers Nutrition offers flexible MOQs, allowing you to start with a smaller order and scale up as your business grows. 
  3. Expertise: Makers Nutrition has a team of experienced professionals who can help you every step of the way, from product formulation and packaging design to regulatory compliance and fulfillment.
  4. Speed: Makers Nutrition has a fast turnaround time and can get your products to market quickly.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Makers Nutrition offers competitive pricing on private label products, making it easier for you to achieve a profitable margin.

Overall, private labeling through Makers Nutrition can help you launch your own brand of high-quality supplements and other health products with low MOQs, quick turnaround times, and a range of customization options.

Get ahead with Makers Nutrition 

The nutraceutical industry is constantly innovating, manufacturers and retailers are always collaborating to find what will sell and best serve customers’ needs. Today, serve yourself and call 1-844-625-3771 to speak with a Product Specialist who knows a thing or two about what has worked for the market’s biggest brands and how to successfully build out your private label line.

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