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What You Need to Know About the Sports Nutrition Supplement Market Before Summer

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on April 26, 2023

What You Need to Know About the Sports Nutrition Supplement Market Before Summer

From competitive mud runners to everyday athletes, today, sports nutrition products appeal to the mases. And now is the time to get the ball rolling so your inventory is full when customers need some high-quality sports nutrition supplements in soon-to-be hot weather.

The basics

Those seeking an active lifestyle want the cleanest, safest form of energy, and they are turning to private label supplement brands for help. To ensure your products deliver what consumers are seeking, it is up to you to choose a supplement manufacturing service provider that is GMP-compliant, FDA-registered, and adheres to mandated guidelines… that’s us, Makers Nutrition.

Past vs. Present

Usually led by whey protein and powders to promote muscle mass, there has been an evolution towards a multitude of supplement formats and delivery functions. For example, eSports, or online gaming, has accrued sales for a healthy gut, immune system, and cognition. Joint health is also a key market because quick movements are needed to excel in e-gaming, and e-gamers do not want to develop carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand-related conditions. Today, most sports nutrition supplement consumers are interested in overall health, and not just muscle gain or fat loss. Catherine Kwik-Uribe, PhD, global R&D scientific & regulatory affairs director for Maryland-based Mars Symbioscience, claims “We are seeing sports nutrition is not just about building muscles, but it is about keeping all organs and tissues healthy, too. This includes mental acuity, with brain health and focus also playing a huge role in this area. We are finding that a broader range of consumers of all ages are renewing their personal commitments to wellness with enthusiasm.” These consumers need a place to put all this enthusiasm, why shouldn’t it be your brand they apply it to?

Sports nutrition market

With this renewal of interest and the summer coming up, your business can thrive by offering energizing sports nutrition products. Take note that the global sports nutrition market was valued above $44 billion in 2021 and could hit $85 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 7.57%. That means we are in the middle of a great era of growth for businesses like yours.

Supplements for summer

Even without a booming market, sports nutrition is a wise segment of supplements to have ready for the summer. Why? As temperatures rise, so does consumer interest in products that hydrate, prepare, and recover. People want to get their pump on at the gym and enjoy the outdoors. Are you trying to save money while getting product to market fast? Get those fitness fanatics geared up with the following private label, ready-to-go formulas:

  • Hydration: BCAA blend to assist muscle growth and exercise performance, rich in vitamins and minerals to support an active lifestyle, packed with electrolytes to help promote muscle movement and water balance. Especially great for hot summer days to keep customers hydrated and moving towards their goals.
  • Pre-workout: A powerful workout tool comprising Beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, and other ingredients that support increased muscle performance, in short-duration, high-intensity resistance training exercises.
  • Post-workout: Our refreshing coconut-lime post-workout matrix powder will help your customers recover faster after their toughest routines in a high humidity, high temperature climate.

Benefits of private label

Smaller brands, startups especially, take advantage of our varied line of private label supplements, which range from sports nutrition powders to hair, skin, and nail gummies. These formulas are available to all of our clients at low minimum order quantities with high volume discount pricing.

Custom formulas

If you are a more established or seasoned health brand, then you may be more accustomed to custom formulas, for which we are well-equipped. We can serve as your choice custom supplement manufacturer because we house the industry’s most ideal high-output encapsulation machines in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered facility. We source the finest raw materials from around the world to manufacture and deliver next-level quality and flavor that exceeds your expectations.

Powder manufacturer

The most popular type of sports nutrition supplements sold is powder. When manufactured through a reliable supplement manufacturing service provider, it is non-cakey and mixes easily into water or your customers’ favorite smoothie.

Stock powder

If you are among the up-and-coming startups, you may want some samples of our watermelon preworkout mix that supports maximum energy and focus. If you think that is something you would like to put on the shelves, then we can get right to work on it!

Custom powder manufacturer

Should you choose a custom sports nutrition powder, then you have the freedom that other manufacturers simply don’t offer. With Makers Nutrition, you tell one of our expert product specialists that you are interested in creating the next best-selling BCAA, whey protein, mango powder, we send flavor profiles for you to report back to us about. Once we have nailed the exact sweetness, tartness, or smoothness you are looking for, we are rolling into the next phase of the process. To get the exact flavor down, you tweak your custom formula, as we make suggestions. While you can absolutely choose an unflavored quality powder, know that we can work with natural, artificial, or both natural and artificial options for flavoring, sweetening, and coloring.

High-quality powder supplements

In any case, if you partner with Makers Nutrition, then you can rely on powder that is manufactured up to your specifications. For example, if you request a naturally flavored lemon preworkout, then that is exactly what you will receive. It will be fresh, dry, and ready to be mixed.

Marketing supplements

Boost your marketing efforts through social media, choose a sports nutrition supplement manufacturer whose design team can create an outstanding new logo and label for your product(s). When you have high-quality sports products to back up your sharp social media presence, success is in the bag. When you have broader-themed sports products to offer, such as nootropics and supplements to help the immune system respond properly, then your following will likely grow and business will certainly soar. While we cannot market your brand, Makers Nutrition can carry you through our simple process and make sure you are never left in the dark. From first call to finished product, we are your one-stop solution.

Everything under one roof

Some, if not all, of the supplement manufacturers you contact will outsource the processing, packaging, and printing for your products. Makers Nutrition does thing differently. We are all in-house. From supplement manufacturing to fulfillment services, or team works under one big roof to ensure efficient, safe handling of your business.

  • Processing: After you have requested a quote, you will receive a phone call or email
  • Packaging and printing: We have access to the most appealing supplement packaging solutions available. Our talented graphic designers can create outstanding labels to apply to bottles, bags, and boxes. The packaging depends on your goals. What kind of vitamin or supplement are your offering? Who are you targeting with that product?
  • Fulfillment: Your sports nutrition supplements will be safely warehoused in our climate-controlled facility that utilizes 3PL software to track your product around the clock. That’s right, our system allows you access to critical information with the click of a button. Our comprehensive suite of transactional, item and inventory reports organizes everything you need to know, whenever you need to know.

Next level supplement manufacturing

Whether you choose custom formulations or those we have in stock, our value package deal can raise you to a completely different tier from your competition. While other brands chase their graphic designer who should have had their label done weeks ago, while other brands are dissatisfied with the customer service they have (not) received from their fulfillment center, our

team is here through and through. We have the manpower, the capabilities, and machinery to ensure a pleasant experience.

Thinking of manufacturing supreme summertime supplements? Give us a ring at 1-844-625-3771 today!


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