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What You Need to Know Before Manufacturing Gummy Vitamins

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on September 28, 2022

What You Need to Know Before Manufacturing Gummy Vitamins

If the health and safety of customers is a core value of your dietary supplement business, then it is vital that your gummy manufacturing is held to as high a standard as is your capsule, tablet, softgel, and powder manufacturing. When your supplement service provider is FDA-registered and adheres to GMP guidelines, then your gummies are in good hands. Here’s why.

FDA registration

Many supplement manufacturers claiming to comply with the highest of safety standards are not even registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an organization which ensures consumer safety. When you work with a supplement partner such as Makers Nutrition, you gain the peace of mind that your products are handled with care. The partner does everything possible to offer nothing but safe, quality products for your customers.

GMP guidelines and gummy manufacturing

The FDA provides Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, by which all FDA-registered facilities must abide. That is, if the facility claims to be FDA registered. If your gummy supplement provider is not already following strict GMP guidelines, then your gummies may be manufactured to a subpar degree and in unsafe conditions. From the people manufacturing the gummies to the processes the gummies undergo, GMP adherence is the foundation of safety for your customers and success for your brand.

Variety in flavor

Once you have signed on with a supplement manufacturing company that is FDA-registered and follows GMP standards, you are one step closer to soaring supplement success. If your goal is to offer high-quality, flavorful gummies, then Makers Nutrition is your place. We have advanced our flavor systems to accommodate clients’ goals of meeting the needs of their clients. We facilitate the manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of everything from a top-notch fruity flavored gummy that give a powerful citrus punch to a berry blast gummy that does not disappoint.

Allergen sensitive gummies

GMO free, egg free, soy free, peanut free, gluten free—these are just a few of the allergens we work with for the benefit of your clients who have sensitivities or simply don’t wish to consume certain ingredient derivatives. Here at Makers, we do not compromise one piece of the process for another. That means if the gummies you want manufactured are free of the eight major allergens, we will still guarantee the flavor you are seeking to offer. Our team gives 110% on everything we produce, as we are here to satisfy your needs, but also make sure your customers who may have a real dietary restriction still enjoy the flavor they experience when consuming your gummy vitamins.

Types of gummies

Can your current gummy manufacturer provide gummies targeted towards a wide consumer base? Makers Nutrition has helped countless brands offer adult and children’s multivitamins for overall health and wellness, probiotic and fiber gummies for digestive health, melatonin gummies for those who can’t seem to get to sleep, and potassium comprising gummies for older adults looking to maintain their bone and joint health. These gummies can be low in sugar or contain no sugar at all, and still be everything you and your customers want.

Beyond gummy manufacturing

When you have chosen Makers Nutrition as your gummy supplement manufacturing partner, you will learn that we don’t stop at manufacturing. We offer many service advantages, from popular formulas for both men and women, children and adults, to product labeling, packaging, and fulfillment. Instead of going to a provider that exclusively manufactures capsules, tablets, powders, or softgels and then leaves the rest to you, enjoy our full-service operation. We provide around-the-clock care for all of clients. If you have a question, your product specialist is just an email away. Want to request a quote? Only a click away. Our social media is monitored daily, so you have easy access to a real person who will respond very quickly. We make it easy for you to get in touch with us because we want all vitamin businesses to succeed with the unbeatable support we provide.

Quality assured

With GMP, you know your products go through rigorous quality assurance testing, from sourcing through the finished product and many processes along the way. Our detail-oriented QA team is proud to observe, detect, and resolve issues that may arise through these processes to provide our clients only the safest dietary supplements. When you partner with providers that solely manufacture or fulfill, then you are not guaranteed the built-in services like quality assurance. Consider this when deciding who will produce your gummies which, when not working with Makers Nutrition, may turn out to be clumped together, not meet specification, or worse, the wrong shape and color.

Stock options for gummy supplements

While a typical gummy manufacturer may ask how large your company is because you must qualify for them to even consider doing business with your company, Makers Nutrition rolls out the red carpet for brands of all sizes. If you are a startup looking to start off modestly, we can work with you on low MOQs and provide the same level of service we do the industry’s biggest brands. If you are launching your first ever product, we offer private label stock gummy formulas for your convenience. Saving you time and money, Makers Nutrition carries ready-to-go Vitamin C Gummies, Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Elderberry Gummies, and more! Whichever target consumer you have in mind, we have a stock product just for them.

Custom formulas

High volume discount pricing puts us ahead of other supplement manufacturing companies. Its importance will make itself known when you find with your first run that Makers Nutrition is the #1 choice provider of supplement services. We are happy to discuss your custom fish oil, multivitamin, or calcium-rich gummies and how we are the most cost-efficient, quality-driven service provider for you! We can turn nearly any custom formula into a product that you love to sell, and your customers love to chew. Gummies are not only versatile in their health benefit offerings, but they are widely popular among dietary supplement users. In fact, the gummy vitamin market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.81% and hit nearly $12 billion by 2026.

But really, why Makers Nutrition?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “why should I switch Makers Nutrition?” We know you may be satisfied with an average supplier, but that may also be because you don’t know what you are missing out on. You have yet to experience the full-service operation we run. Founder and CEO Jason Provenzano built Makers Nutrition on three principles: customer service, high quality, and cost effectiveness. With around-the-clock response times, we offer superior quality with high volume discount rates for your gummy supplement orders and beyond. With guidance from an expert compliance team, your product label is created and scrutinized to ensure full FDA compliance to avoid any complications that would offset your supplement’s success. Unlike other supplement manufacturing service providers, Makers Nutrition does things right the first time and never leaves you hanging. We far exceed expectations for every client and provide nothing short of excellence. Why settle for less?

Call 1-844-625-3771 and let us show you the way to the most convenient, most simplified supplement manufacturing experience you will ever know.

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