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Which Supplements are Best for Weight Management?

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 8, 2023

Which Supplements are Best for Weight Management?

COVID sure made a dent on people’s everyday lives. And while we may be past the pandemic phase, many of us are still feeling the negative impact it had on our state of mind and body. Today, more Americans are seeking to lose weight and get fit, causing significant growth in the weight management category, and leaving abundant room for your business to grow.

Weight management market status

According to Grand View Research, “the weight management supplement industry was valued at [over $33 billion] in 2020, with a CAGR of 16.6% from 2021-2028.” Interestingly, dietary supplements have been the fastest growing sector for weight management compared to food and beverage, at 31% in the United States. And only continued growth is expected in the coming years.

Obesity rates

These stats are important because of the current obesity rate in America. Vanessa Pavey, ND, education scientist and Kristin Chapman, MSc, category manager at Life Extension share with Vitamin Retailer, according to Trust for America’s health report, “four in 10 American adults have obesity and rates continue to climb nationwide. There are many chronic health conditions that are linked to excess weight and research shows that losing as little as 5% of body weight can provide health benefits.” Expanding on the topic, Kurt Cameron, CMO at Omne Diem reports that “the WHO estimates that, globally, over 340 million adolescents and 39 million children are obese.” As they mature, they are on track to join the 650 million adults worldwide who are currently obese.

Why is there so much obesity?

During the height of the pandemic, social isolation led to people to neglect their healthy eating habits and exercise routines. They had other situations to deal with, figuring out how they would balance working from home and their children now learning from home, on top of tending to all of their other responsibilities. As a result of letting their diet and exercise regimens fall by the wayside because of the chaos, the weight management supplement market suffered. In fact, the weight maintenance market experienced a 25% drop in 2020. Weight and fitness just were not on the top of people’s lists. However, as the economy slowly recovered, the market rebounded by 24% in 2021. The pandemic shifted how people view their own health as they became more interested in taking action and getting ahead of anything that could put their health at risk so they could be their best selves and juggle everything even better.

Change on the horizon

Today, evidence suggests that the market has not only recovered but is now growing at an even faster rate than the two years prior to COVID. People are refocusing their efforts on living a healthier lifestyle. There is a renewed sense of wellness and a desire to improve and protect one’s well-being, which is now driving consumer demand for dietary supplements.

Private label weight loss supplement manufacturing

Through your private label business, you can offer premium vitamins and dietary supplements that assist in consumers’ weight loss efforts and overall wellness. Here are some ingredients that Makers Nutrition can help you manufacture into the products that will not only help countless customers but will help grow your brand’s success.

  • Vitamin D: Obese people generally have a Vitamin D deficiency, which has been connected to adipose (fat), tissue storing Vitamin D, resulting in lower plasma levels, and obese people spending less time outdoors exercising in sunshine. Studies have shown that Vitamin D supplementation can aid in weight loss for adults and children, and the effect was most noticeable in postmenopausal women, which combined Vitamin D with calcium supplementation.
  • Fiber: Based on research, fiber can increase satiety, decrease absorption of macronutrients, alter the secretion of gut hormones, and optimize the gut microbiome. While it is suggested that people obtain most of their fiber through food like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, adding a fiber supplement could be the extra dose that helps your customers achieve their daily recommended intakes and shed fat.
  • Probiotics: A meta-analysis of weight loss studies comparing the use of probiotics with a placebo showed that probiotics may lead to a considerable reduction in body weight and body fat percentage.
  • Vitamin C: Evidence suggests that individuals with adequate Vitamin C levels burn 30% more fat during exercise than those deficient in the nutrient. Also, people with low Vitamin C levels are more resistant to fat loss when exercising. Ensuring Vitamin C levels while boosting fitness efforts could be the key that unlocks weight loss for your customers.
  • Caffeine: A stimulant and popular ingredient in many weight loss products, caffeine may support reduced body mass index, weight, and body fat.
  • Green tea extract: The next time you sip a hot cup of green tea, consider adding its extract to your next dietary supplement for weight loss. Green tea contains caffeine and catechins, both stimulants which increase metabolic rate.
  • Fish oil: Often touted for its cognitive benefits, fish oil supplementation has also been shown to minimize abdominal fat, especially when combined with a lifestyle alteration for the better.

Why research matters

We understand that vitamin brands are eager to manufacture supplements and to sell them as quickly as much as possible. However, it pays to have scientifically backed ingredients included in you products. Why? Because consumers are wide awake to the dangers that lurk among the nutraceutical market. Startup entrepreneurs may wish to list exaggerated marketing claims, but consumers are wiser. They know that one capsule, tablet, powder, or gummy will not make them lose a drastic amount of weight. Instead, they are looking for products labeled with credible claims thoroughly supported by research.

A full-service supplement service provider you can trust

Beware of the vitamin manufacturers telling you what you want to hear just to gain a buck. They may be filling their bank account while filling your brain with empty promises. Unlike them, Makers Nutrition takes business seriously. We will advise against a claim if it is not compliant with FDA regulations. We do not support the misleading of consumers who are trying their best to improve their wellness.

Our supplement services

We can manufacture, package, and deliver dietary supplements that promote healthy weight management. Instead of going to a supplement manufacturer that will only leave you disappointed, count on us for a record response rate, unmatchable support, and an unbeatable value.

Ready-to-go formulas

You can benefit greatly from the formulas our team has come up with for companies like yours. Need something on the market faster than six months? We can get it done in three. We have won many awards for our options that easily allow you to apply your brand name to bottles, bags, and boxes and receive your supplements for distribution sooner than you would with a custom run.

White label weight management

In the case of weight management, we offer a high-quality weight loss matrix capsule with a blend of yohimbe bark extract, evodia powder, and citrus aurantium, among other ingredients that have studies to support their agency in fat loss. We also carry a weight loss caplet that promotes thermogenesis, which is heat generation as a result of metabolism. It can work in combination with diet and exercise, and is a safe supplement can help this process along.

Custom orders

If you have more time and money to spare, then it will go towards an equal-in-quality custom weight management supplement that we will service from the manufacturing stage to the fulfillment stage with ease. Be it a capsule, tablet, powder, gummy, or softgel, we can fully service nearly any type of weight loss formula you have formulated. You can click here to request a FREE quote!


White label, private label, custom or not, always, always warn consumers that they should consult a licensed physician before taking any of your supplements. They may be on certain

medications, may be undergoing surgery or planning to become pregnant and though premium, ingredients manufactured in your private label products may hold potential risks.

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