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Why Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing Works with Makers Nutrition

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on January 11, 2023

Why Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing Works with Makers Nutrition

How many times does your hairdresser attempt to sell you the salon’s hair product—be it a curl construct mousse or leave-in conditioner? Have you considered the fact that your salon simply slapped their company name on a generic, non-patented product and called it their own? Well, THAT’S private label. And being in the health industry, you too can grow a profitable brand through private label. Here’s how it works and why Makers Nutrition is the company you need as your vitamin manufacturer.

What is private label?

A private label is simply a line of products with a retailer’s name, sold by that retailer, but manufactured by another company.

We are that company. Makers Nutrition handles everything under one FDA, GMP registered roof to get your vitamins to market quickly and efficiently.

The Makers process:

1. You polish off a scientifically backed formula that your brand stands behind and bring it to us. We get started on the lab work while you discuss your label design with our art department.

2. An email or phone call will initiate a conversation during which one of our artistic graphic designers will establish what you envision for your private label package design.

3. The manufacturing process is completed in a state-of-the-art GMP facility

4. Labels are printed

5. Bottles are filled

6. Labels are applied to bottles with high-tech equipment

7. Product is catalogued into our state-the-art 3PL software and stored in our fully customized warehouse facility

8. Our fulfilment systems support a practical selection of shipping methods from each carrier. As orders are processed, we optimize your carriers to reduce shipping costs. Another perk of working with us: we cut shipping costs without cutting corners—our freight is fully insured. Our order fulfillment centers are integrated with all of the top e-commerce platforms, and we work with the biggest and best transportation companies in the country to provide our clients with the best-priced, fully insured delivery options for everything from a single bottle to a truckload. We have negotiated the absolute best discounts with all our carriers, and we pass along the savings to our clients. Whether a simple warehouse delivery or white glove service, we can provide the right delivery at the best price for any client, fully insured.

What kind of private label products does Makers Nutrition work with?

We have facilitated the manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of a diverse range of vitamins and dietary supplements. That range stretches from children’s multivitamins to dogs’ skin and coat products. We have witnessed the liftoff of success because brands first launched first with custom formulas in the shape of:

  • Capsules: odorless and tasteless, easy to swallow
  • Softgels: not always odorless, but easy to swallow
  • Tablets: can hold a number of ingredients, are tamper-resistant, can be scored
  • Caplets: smaller than tablets and have a smoother finish
  • Powders: can be mixed into water, smoothie, or your customers’ favorite beverage. You must be careful when manufacturing powders, as an unverified source could make your powder cakey or clumped together Ø Gummies: easier for parents to administer to their children, can be packed with essential nutrients, and overall fun to eat

State of the market

If you are wondering what the market looks like for these segments, here is what you need to know: The global dietary supplements market size was valued at $151.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.9% from 2022-2030. Increasing consumer awareness regarding personal health and wellness is expected to be a key contributor for this high growth rate throughout the forecast period. With hectic work and school schedules and people becoming more dependent on supplemental products to fulfill their daily nutrient requirements, our current clients a re already lining up their projects to be manufactured and delivered to their headquarters for distribution. We expect more clients as 2023 unfolds, with new strains, variants, and illnesses that catch the immune system off guard.

Things to remember when private labeling

  • Not all vitamin manufacturers value your business or your customers’ safety as much as we do
  • Other companies may promise you low prices and fast turnaround times, but you get what you pay for
  • FDA and GMP registration goes a long way— without it, there is no guarantee that your products are premium grade
  • If they don’t answer the phone today, chances are they won’t answer tomorrow – don’t waste your time on a vitamin manufacturer with poor customers service. The company you choose should be ready to take your call at all times and have several ways for you to contact them
  • Question, question, question. Ask your manufacture questions before signing anything. We have compiled a list of 11 golden rules when contact manufacturing and we hope that you will reference them before agreeing to another manufacturer’s loopholes.

Why rely on us?

Many brands utilize our private label manufacturing services because we know the shortcuts, without cutting corners for a successful outcome. We have experience working with brands of all sizes, those just starting out and those well on their way to growing their empire of a business.

With Makers Nutrition as your supplement manufacturing partner, you have the peace of mind always knowing at which stage of the process your product is. Our specialists keep you in the loop at all times, and your answers are just a phone call or email away. unlike your current or previous supplement manufacturer, we get back to you because we know what it is like to be on the other end of that phone call. We have all had to make a call to customer service at some point in our lives, be it for a bill or insurance. We are all human. And we want to help you rather than aggravate you with unaddressed questions, concerns, etc.

Awards and honors

Makers Nutrition has been honored with many awards and honors, being named the recipient of the 2022 Grand Globee Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, American Best in Business Awards, and Steve Awards for Sales & Customer Service Awards. Our employees are treated the way we want them to treat our clients, which is why we have also garnered the 2022 Business Intelligence Group Award. However, we acknowledge that your current vitamin manufacturer or supplement service provider could be the most decorated company in the nutraceutical industry and produce less than average results. We know that, which is why we go above and beyond the awards to prove exactly why we are the all-in-one supplement service provider.

Startup success

If you’re new to the nutraceutical industry, creating your own line of dietary supplements may seem daunting, but private labeling doesn’t have to. That’s the thing. When you choose Makers Nutrition, you choose simplicity—because we like to keep things simple. And we carry you through each stage of the process no matter what.

Worried about the prospects of your startup? Take it from Makers Nutrition’s President and CEO Jason Provenzano, who shared with BOSS Magazine, “we've leveled the playing field for small investors in the industry in several key ways. One, we offer very low minimum order quantities (MOQs). To this day a lot of manufacturers don't want to touch you or your product unless you’re making 5,000 or 10,000 bottles.” It’s true! Makers Nutrition accepts quantity requests as low as 1,500 bottles because we are dedicated to giving new players the opportunity to make their business dreams a reality.

Ready to make YOUR business dreams a reality?

Mark today as the first step towards that reality and call us at 1-844-625-3771

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