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Why Vegan Supplement Manufacturing Matters

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on November 1, 2022

Why Vegan Supplement Manufacturing Matters

There is an uptick in the number of vegans around the world. Slowly but surely, individuals switching to a meat-less, dairy-free det are changing the world. The vegan diet encompasses human health, animal livelihood, and the world around us. By catering to individuals looking for vegan vitamins and dietary supplements, your brand could contribute to making this planet safer, cleaner, and healthier. 

Here’s how:

  • Consumer health: Vegan diets can lead to overall better health for humans. Plant-based nutrition introduces the body to a variety of whole grains, nuts, seeds, and vegetables, which are all full of beneficial fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Studies have connected veganism to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, as well as lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions. 
  • Environment: Meat-based diets use more resources, such as land, water, and energy to produce food, whereas vegan diets require less cropland. In fact, the production of animal-based foods creates twice as many greenhouse gas emissions than that of plant-based foods. 
  • Animals: Many people turn to a vegetarian or completely vegan diet when they become invested in the fight against animal cruelty. In 2020, in the U.S. alone, nearly 10 billion land animals were slaughtered. Over 8 billion were killed to support the U.S. food supply. The numbers are staggering and frightening enough for about 79 million Americans to follow a strictly vegan diet. With a decline in demand, more animal lives can be saved, and our ecosystem can perhaps once again begin to find equilibrium. 
  • Global Food Demand Factor: With over seven billion people (and counting) in the world, we currently face the threat of a global food shortage—not because we have so many people on this planet, but because so many people rely on meat products. Approximately 70% of available water is used for agricultural purposes, and animal-based food production uses around 10 times more water than plant-based food production. There is a concern that, as the world’s population is expected to increase to around 11 billion by 2050. So, how does a vegetarian or vegan diet help ensure the availability of resources required for food production? We simply do not have enough land or water to feed a growing population an animal-based diet. Maintaining a diet free of animal derivatives allows farmers to allocate resources more efficiently to produce enough food for everyone, instead of allocating those resources. 

Profiting from private label vegan vitamins

By manufacturing vegan vitamins, your private label can strategically grow its offerings and its sales. Invite more consumers to enjoy high-quality vitamins they know they can trust to be 100% vegan.

Quality Assurance

Speaking of trust, how do you get them to trust your brand? By manufacturing through a company as committed to safety and quality as Makers Nutrition. We take the integrity of what we produce very seriously, so we have a Quality Assurance department dedicated to carrying out thorough finished product testing for microbials and heavy metals. We will make sure that what you ordered is what you are getting. Some clients share stories of previous vitamin manufacturers either including ingredients they never ordered or omitting ingredients they requested. Both scenarios are unacceptable, and we do everything we can to give you and your customers the peace of mind that everything on that panel is everything you are receiving.

Private label vegan protein manufacturing

Vegan protein powder isn’t just for vegan weightlifters. It is also for individuals whose bodies cannot tolerate animal-based protein powders, and those who are becoming more environmentally conscious or considerate of how animals are treated. You can offer private label vegan protein powder made from nearly any seed, legume, or grain. According to Taylor Wolfram, MS, LDN, and registered dietitian, “vegan protein powders based on legumes like soy and pea protein” are going to provide the most high-quality, bioavailable protein. When you have access to an award-winning supplement manufacturing company, why not utilize the resources that will serve you and your customers well? 

If you are a startup, you can enjoy low MOQs and quick turnaround times to get your product to market faster than you would with separate provers. Allow vegans and those who are more mindful of what they are consuming the opportunity to take vegan supplements that suit their many health needs. 

Our vegan-friendly formulas available for you to private label include:

Custom Vegan Formulas

Not a startup? Serving primarily as a custom dietary supplement manufacturer, Makers Nutrition is well-equipped and ready to receive your custom order for a vegan vitamin. Be it a capsule, tablet, softgel, gummy, or powder, we are your premier provider of supplement manufacturing, graphic design and printing, and freight and fulfillment services. 

What vegans need

Plant-based diets can sometimes lack essential nutrients for which vegan will turn to dietary supplements. Here are some that may help generate ideas for your new vegan product: 

  • Vital to healthy blood and nerve cells, Vitamin B12 is critical for everyone’s overall wellbeing. While some may think Vitamin B12 is obtainable through unwashed produce, modern agriculture which decimates the B12 produced by bacterial colonies makes those trace amounts of the nutrient questionable at best. Animal meats are undoubtedly the easiest source of adequate Vitamin B12, since the animals meat-eaters ingest graze the land and consume the soil that contains B12 all day long. To ensure that vegans get enough B12, a high-quality supplement would be a great option.
  • Vitamin D will never not be on the list of the most important vitamins. When vegans aren’t outside soaking up the sun, they aren’t eating cod liver oil, tuna fish, salmon, or sardines. They are instead at risk of missing out on their recommended daily intake if not already consuming a Vitamin D supplement or upping their plant milk game.  
  • Vegans don’t eat fish, which is where most DHA and EPA come from. Instead, they can take algae-based DHA and EPA, the long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that can help with hypertension, heart disease, and obesity, among other areas of health. Ask about our softgel manufacturing capabilities, as softgels are among the most popular delivery formats of vegan friendly omega-3 supplements. 
  • While many vegan food options contain iron, plant-based iron is not easily absorbed by the body. As a result, vegans need to eat more iron-rich foods (spinach, tofu, nuts, potatoes) than people who eat animal proteins. Since iron is a crucial element for proper red blood cell and oxygen transportation throughout the body, it is especially important that vegans either eat more iron or supplement with a product from a credible source.

Beware of sugar

You may notice some vegan proteins on store shelves are high in sugar. This sugar content can not only defeat the purpose of a healthier supplement choice but can give people digestive issues. Your private label vegan protein can be manufactured with less sugar or a more natural sweetener, like stevia leaf or monk fruit extract, which are both vegan! You can also choose agar agar to get the sweet, flavorful, but gelatin-free, vegan-friendly gummies you had in mind, without compromise! 

Ready to join the vegan revolution? Request a free quote for your next vegan product today! 

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