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Why You Should Use a One-Stop Supplement Manufacturer

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 16, 2023

Why You Should Use a One-Stop Supplement Manufacturer

There are many moving components when creating a dietary supplement: manufacturing, label design, printing, packaging, and fulfillment. While some brands turn to separate providers for each service needed, others choose a much more convenient, cost-efficient path to lucrative success. And that path is made possible through a one-stop shop contract manufacturer such as Makers Nutrition.

Contract manufacturers vs. individual providers 

Using a one-stop company like Makers Nutrition has several advantages over using single service providers when it comes to manufacturing vitamins and supplements.

❖ One-stop companies offer a more convenient and streamlined solution for product development and manufacturing. Instead of having to coordinate with multiple vendors to complete various stages of the production process, you can work with a single provider who can handle everything from formulation to packaging and labeling. This can save you time and effort by simplifying the process and reducing the risk of miscommunication or delays.

❖ One-stop supplement manufacturers can offer cost savings compared to using single service providers. They can leverage economies of scale to reduce the cost of production, which can be particularly beneficial for smaller businesses or those working with a limited budget. Additionally, because one-stop companies have a deeper understanding of the production process, they can often identify opportunities for cost optimization that may be missed by single service providers.

❖ While using single service providers may have more flexibility in terms of the specific services and solutions offered, working with multiple vendors can also increase the risk of miscommunication or delays, which can ultimately result in a longer and more expensive production process.

The risk of using single vitamin manufacturers 

When creating a vitamin or dietary supplement, you want a provider that is certifiably qualified to get the job done right. If you are just getting started with your business, then know this: many so-called supplement or vitamin manufacturers are posing just to gain a dollar. Meanwhile, the CEO is running things out of a garage, claiming to manufacture safely and up to code. They might even tell you the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate products, so it does not matter which service provider you use. 

That could not be more false. The FDA surveys what is on the shelves and online, and your brand can be reported if a customer finds that your health products contain harmful ingredients, have been contaminated, or does not list information accurately. The FDA is responsible for ensuring that dietary supplement manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as outlined in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994. GMPs are a set of guidelines and standards that manufacturers must follow to ensure the safety, quality, and consistency of dietary supplements.

FDA inspections 

If you ask an individual manufacturer about their GMP facility and they don’t have proof of registration, beware. The FDA conducts inspections of dietary supplement manufacturing facilities to ensure that they are following GMPs. These inspections can be conducted on a routine basis or in response to a specific issue or complaint. If the FDA finds that a manufacturer is not following GMPs, they may issue a warning letter or take other enforcement actions, such as product recalls or seizing products. The FDA can also take legal action against manufacturers who violate GMPs or other regulations.

It is also important to note that while the FDA does enforce GMPs, they do not test dietary supplements for safety or effectiveness before they are marketed. Instead, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that their products are safe and effective and that they comply with all relevant regulations. If the individual manufacturer is not GMP registered, then there is no way they are monitored by FDA or their proxy NSF International. Again, beware. 

Why Makers Nutrition?

You can avoid all of the potential hazards and violations by simply partnering with Makers Nutrition instead. Our experts can provide expertise and guidance throughout the product development and manufacturing process. With years of experience and knowledge, we offer insights on product formulation, regulatory compliance, and quality control. This can be particularly valuable for businesses that are new to the industry or have limited experience in product formulation and manufacturing. Perhaps that’s you!

Graphic design and packaging

Once your manufacturing is underway, our talented designers create standout labels that are compliant for store shelves and ecommerce sites. Your capsules, tablets, softgels, gummies, and powders can all be packaged in bottles, bags, or boxes that are tightly sealed with a label that catches the eye of consumers. Just another reason to use an all-in-one supplement manufacturing company. 

Makers Nutrition fulfillment 

Freight is a huge deal here at Makers Nutrition. We take pride in our ability to cut costs and save you tons when having your products shipped. Our fulfillment centers are integrated with all of the top e-commerce platforms, and we work with the biggest and best transportation companies in the country to provide our clients with the best-priced, fully insured delivery options for everything from a single bottle to a truckload. We have negotiated the absolute best discounts with all our carriers, and we pass along the savings to our clients. Whether a simple warehouse delivery or white glove service, we can provide the right delivery at the best price for any client, fully insured. Can the other single manufacturer do that? 

Regulatory compliance and safety

Unlike the unverified poser manufacturers, Makers Nutrition checks for microbiological contaminants, performs heavy metal testing, and makes sure the specifications of not only your supplement but those of your supplement’s container are all correct. Then, your products are stored in a climate-controlled warehouse that is checked daily before distribution. That way, you never have to worry about product freezing in cold temperatures, clumping together in hot ones, or vitamins disintegrating because of poor or careless storage conditions.

The way to go

Here are the key takeaways of why you should choose a one-stop contract manufacturer over single providers:

  1. Convenience: By using a one-stop supplement manufacturer, businesses can streamline the entire process of supplement development, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. This can save time and reduce the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors.
  2. Consistency: Working with a single supplement manufacturer can help ensure that all aspects of the supplement production process are consistent, from formulation and ingredient sourcing to packaging and labeling.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: Using a one-stop supplement manufacturer can be cost-effective, as businesses can often negotiate better pricing for bundled services compared to using multiple vendors.
  4. Quality assurance: A reputable one-stop supplement manufacturer will have strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that all products meet high standards of purity, potency, and safety.
  5. Regulatory compliance: Contract manufacturing supplement companies are typically well-versed in the complex regulatory landscape surrounding dietary supplements and can help ensure that products are compliant with all relevant regulations and guidelines.
  6. Innovation: One-stop supplement manufacturers often have extensive experience in supplement development and can offer innovative solutions for formulating and packaging supplements.

By using a supplement manufacturer like Makers Nutrition, your startup can enjoy benefits that will pay off long-term. You will no longer, or even begin to, jump from manufacturer to designer to printer to co-packer to fulfillment center. You will not be chasing people for answers. You have the peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled in one place. 

The one you can trust 

While we cannot share which brands we have serviced, we certainly have a track record of the utmost professionalism, credibility, and customer service. On both team and individual levels, we have been named the winner of many business and industry awards. We have been recognized for everything from product innovation for our private label supplements to growth as we continue expanding right alongside the booming global dietary supplement market. And we are confident that we are well-suited for your first or next dietary supplement project. 

If you are ready to save yourself time, money, and hassles by utilizing our safe, compliant, and convenient modes of production, call 1-844-625-3771 today!

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