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Private Label Line of Support: Vitamin D Gummies

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on April 29, 2020

Private Label Line of Support: Vitamin D Gummies

Right now, it’s more important than ever to highlight the necessity of vitamin D. Of the many people working, learning, and coping at home, chances are they are not soaking in adequate doses of vitamin D. To help them do so, you can offer customers one of the most beneficial and flavorful forms of supplementation—gummies, which are growing popular by the day.

A Gummy Alternative

Depending on their situation, some people don’t have much of a choice in the supplements they take. Especially if people have difficulty swallowing solid supplements, gummies are a wonderful way to ensure essential benefits. When partnering with a supplement manufacturer whose flavor systems are next level, you can count on delivering customers a blast of flavor with their vitamin D boost.

Vitamin D’s Pressing Demand

During times like these, we often forget just how important it is to be taking breaks during the day, stepping outside on a bright sunshiny day, and allowing UV rays to do their job, eliciting vitamin D synthesis in the skin. One of the most relevant benefits this nutrient has to offer is mood regulation.

Remembering to grab a gummy is easy, but it’s just as easy to slip into a funk during quarantine. That’s where you come in.

Private Label Power

With a private label business of your own, you have the ability to steer customers in a healthy, happy direction. When speaking with your product specialist, express your interest in promoting why vitamin D is needed on the daily. Consider including some of the following structure/fuction claims:

  • May boost mood levels*>
  • Aids in cell and healthy bone growth*
  • Promotes calcium absorption*
  • Supports normal immune system function*

Makers Nutrition offers a high-quality stock gummy:

Fish Oil and Vitamin D Gummy

Featured as one of our newest immune-supporting formulas, the combination of fatty acids and vitamin D can help reduce the chances of depression, anxiety, factors of heart disease, and promote brain health during pregnancy and early life.

This top-selling formula supports bone, muscle, and eye health, all while helping keep your customers happy. Happy from the vitamin D, sure, but also in knowing they are receiving safe, effective product from a brand they can trust… YOURS!

#Yoursupplementsolution is here to make your private label business as successful as possible, while helping you help others through supplementation.


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