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Supplement Manufacturing Fitness Supplements: When Should My Customers Drink Their Protein?

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on July 9, 2020

Supplement Manufacturing Fitness Supplements: When Should My Customers Drink Their Protein?

Protein manufacturing is one of Makers Nutrition’s most-used services. We create some of the industry’s best-selling private label whey, casein, soy, and egg protein, among other custom powders. Because we have so much experience in this industry, we know you’re wondering which service provider is the one to choose. We also know that once you have protein on the market, your customers will have questions, and they’ll be relying on you for answers. Fret not, we’ve got your back.

Wh(e)y Protein?

Yes, eating real, whole food is the most important way of consuming daily protein. Over time, however, customers who rely on protein for fuel may find it difficult to consistently work protein into their diet through food. Especially when your customers take large amount of protein each day to grow lean muscle mass, your private label protein drinks are exactly what they need.

Whey protein is highly bioavailable and easy to pour into water, smoothies, or a beverage of your customers’ choice. It contains large amounts of essential amino acids, which serve as building blocks for advanced muscle growth. Whey protein is also absorbed rapidly compared to other types of protein, which is also beneficial for muscle repair. So, when’s the best time to mix and drink protein? The answer isn’t as clear cut as your customers were hoping.


Though minimal, there is some research surrounding when to consume whey protein. One study divided 21 men into two groups, with both getting a protein drink containing 25 grams of protein. One group ingested it right before their workout, the other after their workout. All participants performed full-body strength workouts three times per week over a ten-week period. No significant differences in muscle strength or size between the groups were reported, which suggests that as long as you take it around the time of your workout, be it before or after, protein is effective.


Sometimes they’re not hungry after a workout. Sometimes, your customers just want to reap the benefits of a protein mix without feeling full from a meal. One study recruited 30 healthy men who had strength trained biweekly for six months prior to the study. Subjects were grouped based on how much lean muscle mass they had. The study comprised two trials separated by two weeks, in which the men ingested either 20 grams or 40 grams of a protein drink. The results? A considerable change (20%) in muscle protein synthesis in the group that took 40 grams of protein post-exercise.

With Goals in Mind

  • Weight Loss: Protein is undoubtedly one of, if not the most, important nutrients for fat loss. If your customers are trying to shed the pounds, a high-protein diet can help speed up metabolism and curb appetite. If a daily schedule is mapped out for protein intake, your customers may benefit from taking it throughout the day so they are not overeating during any meal.
  • Preserving Muscle: Research suggests that people lose approximately 3-8% of their muscle mass each decade after age 30. Did you know that losing muscle mass is associated with higher risk of fractures and shorter lifespan? That’s why your private label protein powder, which can be mixed and enjoyed during a low-protein meal, can help spread your customers’ intake throughout the day to help ensure optimal muscle health. While your bodybuilding buffs are definitely target consumers, the elderly could also use some muscle protection. Taking protein before bed can actually help promote the preservation of muscle and aid your older customers in adapting to exercise. Why? When consumed before bed, protein is effectively digested and absorbed, thereby increasing the availability of protein to muscles for recovery throughout the night.
  • Physical Performance and Recuperation: In terms of endurance training, combining protein with a source of carbs post-workout could help improve physical ability while reducing muscle soreness. When resistance training, protein can help advance both performance and recovery, regardless of whether protein is combined with carbs, before or after exercise.

There are clearly options of when to take whey protein. There are even more options when it comes to choosing a supplement and vitamin brand. Make yours the one to trust and help customers achieve their goals by utilizing your full-service supplement manufacturing service provider. Makers Nutrition frees you from unnecessary headaches. We handle your manufacturing, label design, packaging and order fulfillment needs all under one roof. It’s hard enough to find a quality supplement manufacturer, why go through the trouble of locating a fulfillment center as equipped as ours? Why struggle with a subpar design? Why settle for less?

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