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Muscle Mass for the Masses: Custom Fitness Supplement Manufacturing for Consumers of All Ages

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 18, 2021

Muscle Mass for the Masses: Custom Fitness Supplement Manufacturing for Consumers of All Ages

While your private label supplement brand may have been offering immune system supporting products throughout the pandemic, sales and marketing may now be shifting gears. Here’s why.

COVID-19 forced many people to rethink their home-work life balance when it was all in the same location. For some, it still is. During the height of the pandemic, those who were in tiptop shape struggled to find time for exercise when the gym was closed, and there was no escaping the at-home mayhem (no need to rehash the obvious craziness we encountered between school, the babysitting dilemma, Zoom business meetings, and so on). But, as the saying goes, “when there’s a will, there’s a way.” As time passed, we figured it out. We set alarm clocks to wake us an hour earlier, made that powerful morning preworkout smoothie, walked the treadmill, squatted up a storm, and rowed our way into the workday.

People eventually figured out a schedule that worked for them, one that involved exercise to regain their strength and build up. Today, some are staying home and sticking to their new workout regimen, while others are venturing out to the newly reopened gym. That includes millennials who are eating healthier and trying to either body build or recreationally gain muscle. Older folks are hitting the gym to simply preserve what they still have in terms of muscle and strength. For them, the goal is to maintain optimal movement. As a result of more people pursuing fitness and muscle mass, demand for protein and collagen is on the rise.


Millennials and aging dietary supplement users alike are shopping for high quality protein to help with muscle growth, recovery, and repair. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website,

“Increased protein intake contributes to greater strength and muscle mass gains when coupled with resistance exercise, allows for greater muscle mass preservation when consumed during periods of negative energy balance, limits age-related muscle loss, and, to a lesser extent, provides a greater muscle protein synthetic response when evenly distributed across meals.”

Now is the perfect time to market protein powder towards young and old consumers, because while they may have different goals, all of these consumers are seeking a high-quality product from a trustworthy brand like yours. To be a trustworthy brand, you’ll need a trustworthy partner. FDA-registered, GMP-compliant Makers Nutrition provides exceptional protein manufacturing services, including an advanced flavoring system that will blow your competitors away. With our expert guidance, your custom protein mixes could target the aspiring bodybuilder as well as the older woman looking to keep her muscles as strong as they are now.


Plant-based collagen is quickly climbing market ranks, as consumers become more in tune with clean products and clean eating. Collagen goes beyond strength building, though. Your aging customers want something that will support their joints and maintain their mobility. They also want a powder supplement that can keep their skin appearing young, perhaps rejuvenated. With our collagen manufacturing capabilities, we can help make that happen!

Back to Bodybuilding

While powders are great for millennials and aging folks, do not neglect the very lucrative opportunity awaiting in the bodybuilding arena. After strenuous workouts, bodybuilders need something that will assist their bodies in muscle recovery. An industry expert shared with Vitamin Retailer, “studies suggest that within 30 minutes after intense exercise, the body optimizes its ability to replenish energy stores—particularly muscle and liver glycogen. The body becomes a sponge, and for hardcore bodybuilders, this is the golden opportunity to optimize muscle rebuilding and recovery if the right ingredients are available.” It is also a crucial time for the body to replenish fluids and electrolytes, when the body shifts from a catabolic state to an anabolic state, allowing for proper muscle gains. With the help of an award-winning supplement service provider, you could be the brand bodybuilders need. Ready to get started? Request a quote today


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