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How Your Private Label Supplement Manufacturer Could Be Better

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 10, 2022

How Your Private Label Supplement Manufacturer Could Be Better

Before and After

Before you had a supplement manufacturer, you had a plan. Before you had a plan, you had a vision. And depending on which company you chose to manufacture your products, you may or may not have achieved the sales goals you set. That’s not necessarily on you, though. Read on to find out why.

The Difference Between Standard Supplement Manufacturing and Superior Supplement Manufacturing

Search the web and you will land on dozens of manufacturing companies that convey convincing copy that draws you in to their products and services. All companies do this, and if your private label brand has a site, I am sure you’ve too have narrowed in on what works best for marketing purposes. While you are focusing on the content and layout of your website, as you should be, the supplement manufacturer you’ve already chosen may be running your gummies through unchecked machinery in unqualified labs whose conditions will put your gummies or powders at risk of contamination, caking, and predictable complications for your private label business.

These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Unmonitored equipment
  • Out of range temperature and humidity
  • Ingredients processed in the same facility that pose a threat to those in your product—think allergens such as soy, eggs, dairy, and shellfish.

Makers Nutrition ensures that your vitamins and supplements—be it capsules, tablets, powders, softgels, or gummies—are manufactured only in a climate-controlled, safe, GMP-registered facility. Procedures are maintained to prove that unlike some deceiving contract supplement manufacturers, we take pride in the certificates that validate our credibility.

Asking Questions

Our name does not appear on your product, YOUR NAME does, and it is your private label brand potentially harming customers when working with a company that does not guarantee the utmost quality, safety, and purity of your dietary supplements. We strongly urge everyone in the nutraceutical industry to consider the company that is producing the product that you will ultimately be selling to consumers. These consumers have medical conditions, they may become pregnant, they may be of a certain age and should avoid certain supplement ingredients. It is crucial that your supplement manufacturer is aware of such details that should be listed on your product packaging.

The Importance of Quality Control

Is the company with which you are currently partnered making suggestions and warning you of compliance issues for which the FDA might initiate a recall? Have you done your research on the ingredients you are submitting with your custom quote?

We source and test the finest raw materials from around the globe. Our team remains up to date with ever-changing GMP guidelines and FDA regulations to guarantee your product’s claims and formatting are both within the confines of the law. Our personnel is trained thoroughly to carry out all Quality Control tasks, so there is never a concern on whether the professionals physically handling your material are qualified.

The Makers Difference

We do things differently at Makers Nutrition. We do not only handle the manufacturing of your vitamins and supplements. We handle all aspects of the process (manufacturing, graphic design, packaging, fulfillment), all while providing an unbeatable level of client care, which I’ll discuss a bit later.

Instead of piecing everything together, you can easily choose a contract manufacturing service provider that already has a tried and true one-stop solution in place. You feel the difference in convenience since you’re no longer jumping from vitamin manufacturer to graphic designer to co-packer to printer to fulfillment center. You feel the difference in value when you are ordering in bulk and paying less over time. And you definitely feel the difference when calling 1-844-625-3771 to ask for an update and your expert Product Specialist has real answers for you.

Client Support for Vitamin Manufacturing

You might have unfortunately learned the hard way by partnering with a subpar contract manufacturer. However, there is still time to turn things around with a private label supplement manufacturing company that does things right the first time. With a provider like Makers Nutrition, those goals you once set become a bit clearer and more attainable. With the right resources and the support you duly deserve, success will be knocking on your door. Our goal is to give you what you need the safest, most cost efficiently way possible. We are quality-driven, so we refuse to rush orders—something else to consider about your current vitamin manufacturer. While we pride ourselves on quicker turnaround times, beware of phony promises and physically impossible results other vitamin manufacturers may claim achievable.

Beginning, Middle, End

Most stories navigate their way to an end, but the one we write together doesn’t have to. You see, when you become a client of Makers Nutrition, we look forward to a lifetime business relationship. We welcome your business for years to come. Say you are a startup looking to strategically build your vitamin brand and eventually expand your private label offerings. We have the resources and tools you need to do so with the peace of mind that we are working around the clock to get your orders fulfilled.

White Label for Private Label Vitamins

Especially if you are a startup, Makers Nutrition is your ideal choice supplement service provider. With over 100 white label formulas for you to private label, you can establish a strong foundation in the nutraceutical industry as a health and wellness brand without breaking the bank. By this, I mean lower minimum order quantities at prices you can afford. As President & CEO of Makers Nutrition told BOSS Magazine, “the investment can be so small with a private label order that a customer can experiment, to see if they can move a product. That way, customers can see if their marketing is going to work before committing to a larger investment. If the marketing is effective and the client’s feedback suggests alterations to the formula would increase success, the client can enhance the formula to their own custom blend and still face only a 1,500 bottle MOQ.”

Custom Formulations Following White Label Tryouts

Remember our talk about marketing? One of the biggest luxuries of partnering with Makers Nutrition is that you have the time to dedicate to advertising and figuring out what is going to best sell your product. If you were originally working on a line of sports nutrition products and the first pre-workout and post-workout powders aren’t panning out on the market as you had hoped, perhaps you change gears and go in a different direction or add some ingredients to customize our white label formulas in which your research and development has found to profit on the market.

Client Care and Supplement Business Goals

Arching back to the importance of getting the support you need from your supplement manufacturer, our team is always ready to listen to your thoughts, ideas, and goals. Unlike other vitamin manufacturers, we do not have a brand of our own, so we do not compete with clients. We welcome you to share with us the science-backed studies you’d like to incorporate on your label through a QR code. We want to hear your feedback on flavor profiles so we can nail the next one. With second to none flavor systems, Makers Nutrition can pinpoint the exact taste you want your customers to experience. If the coffee flavor protein powder isn’t strong enough, we’ll get it there; if the citrus gummies aren’t fruity enough, we’ll find a way to meet your request. Your supplement manufacturing service provider should be flexible in its abilities, and we have mastered the art of being the company supplement brand owners haven’t yet found.

Get Curious

Before you sign on with a supplement manufacturer, ask questions, get curious. If you are already working with an inadequate supplement manufacturer, stop wasting your time and money, and plan your move to Makers Nutrition today!

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