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Your Private Label Vitamin Business is at Risk… and Here’s Why

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 30, 2022

Your Private Label Vitamin Business is at Risk… and Here’s Why

You may be profiting from your private label vitamin sales, but there’s a hole at the bottom of the money bag. Read on to find out why.


Has your vitamin manufacturer ever discussed value with you? If the answer is NO, then you most likely are not spending your budget wisely, and your profit margins are remaining in place when you really want them to be widening over time. If your current vitamin manufacturer does not maintain the qualifications necessary to guarantee at least industry-standard safety, then how safe are your private label products for consumers? These are just a couple areas we encourage you to investigate before conducting any further business with your vitamin manufacturing service provider.

Makers Nutrition Value

If you call us up at 1-844-625-3771, you will likely speak with a Product Specialist who knows a lot about not only dietary supplement formulas, pricing, and capsule coating options, but the unique value Makers Nutrition offers. In today’s climate, we remain committed to serving an unbeatable value and maintaining very competitive pricing for all clients. We have been here long enough to know that your product is only as good as your manufacturing service provider. And when you are working with a partner that is as experienced and committed to top quality and service as we are, you soon learn that no company can beat the deal you receive from Makers Nutrition.

White Label Formulas for Private Label Nutraceutical Manufacturing

Makers Nutrition strategically raises the bar in nutraceutical manufacturing so your business can thrive. We perfect flavor systems so your superfood powder tastes as delicious as it is nutritious. We collaborate to offer a wider range of health benefitting white label formulas for your startup private label to broaden its offerings. These white label formulas, which encompass everything from empowering sports nutrition products to fruity flavored children’s multivitamin gummies, can help your new vitamin brand expand and secure capital as you experience growth. Our Account Managers are here to guide you in the right direction and advise on the best methods of building out a well-planned private label line. Here are a few reasons why our strategy works when other vitamin manufacturers fail you.

1. Lower MOQs: Our minimum order quantities for white label vitamins are much lower than those for custom formulas. Capsules, tablets, caplets, powders, gummies and softgels—you can easily choose any of our diverse formulas and private label them with your own brand name. Private labeling our formulas will get your product to market quicker and has proven to save startups a LOT of money.

2. Wise Expansion Plans: When launching a vitamin and supplement brand, it is extremely important that you have a plan. Marketing plays a major role in getting your name out on the web and in front of people’s faces. Our full service allows you ample time and money to dedicate to exactly that, while we handle the manufacturing, label design, packaging, and warehousing of your soon-to-be distributed dietary supplements. With Makers Nutrition, you can start off with one or two products, say a pre- and post-workout powder at a low MOQ and do some experimenting. While you save money by offering one of our formulas, you can see if you are able to make adequate sales, then tack on a couple more products, maybe some different flavored workout powders. If you see more growth, then you know your brand is headed in the right direction. Our teamwork is panning out well.

3. All Under One Roof: How often does your vitamin manufacture also serve as your graphic designer, co-packer, and fulfillment center? Makers Nutrition is the company that handles every aspect except marketing and branding under one roof. We make it easy for you to organize and keep your ideas in one place, without worrying about us sharing information with a competing brand. And unlike many deceptive vitamin manufacturers, Makers Nutrition does NOT have a brand of its own. We do not compete with our clients… ever.

Importance of Customer Service

Right now, we know there might not be a lot that separates one vitamin manufacturer from another, as the costs of labor, raw materials, and fuel continue to soar. When the price is relatively the same from one vitamin manufacturer to another, you must look at the other aspects of the service provider. It quickly comes down to which company provides the better customer service. If you have been in business for some time now, then you certainly know how difficult it is to get ahold of a live person. Instead of going straight to voicemail or waiting a few days to receive an insufficient answer from a so-called professional, it’s different at Makers Nutrition. We have a fully staffed administrative department ready to connect you with the right contact depending on the nature of your call. Should you choose to contact us via social media, we get back to you in record time. Unlike your experiences with past vitamin manufacturers, you don’t have to jump through hoops to work with Makers Nutrition. We are eager to discuss your vitamin business goals and the supplements you wish to manufacture in order to reach those goals.


  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance requires systems of nutraceutical production to be maintained and controlled according to quality standards. These standards are put into place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency which can ultimately decide the fate of your product. If your product is not compliant, it can lead to fewer sales and the removal of your supplements from shelves by the FDA. When you can include a recognized GMP logo on your label, you are showing customers that your vitamins are manufactured in a clean facility, with raw materials and finished products that are tested. GMP facilities also implement the proper handling of consumer complaints and upkeeping documentation of procedures and records required under the FDA’s guidelines. When you manufacture supplements through Makers Nutrition, you are 100% permitted to include an FDA and GMP logo on your product label. That way, you can prove to customers that your private label vitamins and supplements are nothing but high-quality, safe, and pure.

Don’t Settle for Less

Serving as your contract manufacturer, Makers Nutrition connects you with only the best: best value, best customer service, best chance at success. If you are not currently partnered with us, we know your vitamin business could be doing better. We don’t think you should settle for less when you can enjoy the convenience and simplicity of Makers Nutrition’s process, products, and services that continue to improve the landscape of the nutraceutical industry

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