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Gummies Going Green: How Manufacturing Clean Gummies is Making a Difference

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on October 3, 2022

Gummies Going Green: How Manufacturing Clean Gummies is Making a Difference

One of the many benefits of working with a company that provides custom dietary supplement services is that you have the freedom and variety of choice to offer customers vegan friendly gummies, one of the most popular formats on the market today. It’s even better when you know that those same gummies are making an impact on the environment. Read on to learn how.

What is veganism?

Many people confuse vegetarianism and veganism, so let’s clarify. Vegetarian refers to the exclusion of meat, while vegan refers to the exclusion of meat and any other animal-derived ingredients. That means no milk, eggs, whey, or gelatin. Gelatin is an important one when discussing gummy vitamins, as many are gelatin based and gelatin is obtained by boiling tendons, bones, ligaments, and skin of cows or pigs. However, when you partnered with Makers Nutrition, you have many private label options that would satisfy both you and your customers, which we’ll get to later.

Vegan supplement sales and why veganism matters to the planet

The gummy vitamin market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.81% and hit nearly $12 billion by 2026. While this growth is a strong indicator that your health brand will thrive should you offer gummies, it is also important to note the environmental difference to which your supplements would be contributing. Going vegan halts further soil degradation, deforestation, and greenhouse emissions associated with meat production, thereby helping to slow climate change and secure our global food supply.

Veganism is here to stay

If you are still wondering if vegan gummies, vegan anything is just a fad, then consider the times in which we are living. Vegan used to sound “high class.” Today, many restaurants offer plant-based dishes, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Walk into a Whole Foods and you are inundated with plant-based beverages (gears could also be turning for powder supplements). The trend is staying. Professional athletes, celebrities, talk show hosts—they are all promoting a healthier lifestyle through veganism, making it mainstream for all. And you can thank millennials for their influence on social media, normalizing plant-based eating so much that it is now leading a consumer demand.

The vegan consumer perspective

When millennial and other consumers learn that your private label offers vegan products, they will feel more inclined to purchase supplements from you. They will feel as though they are playing a part in healing the planet, which they are! Once you consider the reasons why veganism is important and how you can lead a positive shift in howe we consume nutrients, this information can be added to your website that can be printed right on the labels we apply to your bottles. Instead of looking for a co-packer and printer you can count on, Makers Nutrition invites you to share how you plan on advertising your gummies and our talented designers will go through all the different layout options until you are met by one that best suits your goals.

Vitamins and supplements manufactured for vegans

People who follow a vegan lifestyle need to be on top of the nutrient levels they may have previously been obtaining through meats and animal-derived sources. Here are some of those vitamins, minerals, and more that may easily be obtained through your vegan gummy supplements.

  1. Vitamin B12 for protein metabolism and a healthy nervous system
  2. Vitamin D for calcium absorption, immune system function, and mood regulation
  3. Iron for new DNA and red blood cell production, as well as oxygen transportation through blood
  4. Iodine for thyroid health
  5. Zinc for body cell repair, immune function, and metabolism

Custom vegan supplements

If you would like to place an order for us to help manufacture your own custom gummy with the above ingredients, or ingredients you know vegans seek through supplementation, then we are at your service. Custom orders are for more established brands, so if you are a more seasoned supplement brand owner, this is a great avenue to take. While MOQs are higher for these orders, they are still competitive, which our product specialists will be happy to cover over the phone or via email when you contact us.

Flavoring Vegan Gummies

After that initial conversation, you may remember a question you forgot to ask: how do I know I’ll get the flavor I am looking to achieve? Well, our production team is committed to narrowing down flavor profiles until we get it exact. We will keep sending you samples and discussing what needs to be tweaked. Once the flavor is established and the specs are in order, then we are sailing into the manufacturing, design, packaging, and delivery stages of the seamless process we’ve mastered.

Stock vegan gummies

Now for our private label options. If you are a beginner in the nutraceutical industry, then it is wise to start small with a test run to see what your customers like, and what works or doesn’t for your brand. But worry not about flavor if you take the stock route. Our range includes both classic and innovative flavors that we have perfected for all clients. To cater to startups and seasoned companies that are running low on time and need their product delivered quickly, we have built an extensive line of all sorts of supplements for private label, including beneficial, flavorful gummies. We offer an array of gummies that reach nearly all areas of health that consumers need. Many of our options suit individuals who have allergies and/or dietary restrictions, including gummies that are gluten free, non-GMO, and even vegan! For example, our sugar-free melatonin blackberry gummies are gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian friendly, and also vegan. So not only can these deliciously flavored stock gummies help your customers achieve a more restful sleep, but they are always readily available to be packaged with your private label brand name and delivered to your business within a timely manner.

Freight and fulfillment

That’s right, unlike your typical supplement manufacturer, Makers Nutrition carries your project from start to finish. We don’t leave you to figure out warehousing and transportation on your own. While you are free to pick up your own supplements, we encourage you to utilize our built-in delivery system. We cut the best deals with the biggest transportation companies in the nation, and we accommodate your needs of all kinds—from white glove to residential deliveries.

Going green and growing green $$

When you choose cleaner ingredients, you are choosing a cleaner environment. Your private label supplement brand has the ability to extend far beyond just the health needs of your customers. With guidance from the right supplement manufacturing partner, you can become the household brand name you never dared dream about. Makers Nutrition is that partner for you, and now is the right time to catapult you chances of success with our expert assistance.

Standing out among a crowd

There are so many products on the market targeting the same areas, like sleep, immune health, and overall wellness. It is becoming increasingly necessary to feature something different, something consumers are interested in. Manufacturing vegan gummies could attract more attention, raise awareness, and actually make a difference, which, at the end of the day, is what we all want to do.

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