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Manufacturing Custom Supplements for Men’s Health

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on June 5, 2023

Manufacturing Custom Supplements for Men’s Health

It doesn’t have to be #MensHealthMonth to emphasize the importance of men’s wellness. Now more than ever, men are invested in preparing themselves healthy meals and making self-care a priority, which includes taking a variety of dietary supplements. This is great for them and gives your private label supplement brand the opportunity to see unprecedented sales. That is, if you partner with the right vitamin manufacturing company.

Since taking control of their own health, men are finding their way to beneficial dietary supplements and vitamins from trusted brands. If you want customers to know that your brand is the one to trust, you’ll want your products made by a supplement partner you can trust.

That is where Makers Nutrition comes in. We cover everything: manufacturing, label design, packaging solutions, and order fulfillment. And the best part: you don’t have to call a bunch of different numbers—we handle everything in house so you only have to call 1-844-625-3771 any time you have a question or want an update.

Men’s health market growth

The men’s health market is much more inclusive than it used to be. As sexual health supplements grow steadily, testosterone supplements in particular are increasingly consumed for stamina, endurance, and drive. This is just one sector your brand could explore, while also expanding into workout supplements for men. Preworkout and postworkout powders were popular before the pandemic, and now with at-home workdays, some permanent, men are more prone to at-home workouts. When it comes to sports nutrition, there are some powerful ingredients clients add to their custom formula. Most recently, we’ve been working with creatine, protein powder, and nitric oxide. These are the ingredients most sought after, and these are the ones that promote all of the energy and muscle gains men want.

Who’s Buying?

Younger males like millennials and Gen Z individuals are leaning into the conversation about men’s health. They are creating more viable lifestyles for themselves and incorporating vitamins and supplements into their diets. This is good not only for their own wellbeing, but for your private label business that has so much potential.

Types of supplements for men

Your brand could take two different routes in creating high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements for men. Whichever route you choose, you will always get the same caliber of customer service, quality, and value.

Route 1: White label to private label

We call ourselves a one-stop shop because we are the premier company that covers all of your needs under one GMP-registered roof. Included in the bundle deal are fully compliant, beneficial formulas that you can choose from to private label with your brand name.

Benefits of private label

These formulas are ready to go 365 days a year. You can call us up at any time and order a run of the following and have them manufactured and packaged in as few as 4 weeks!

  • Men’s Sports Multivitamin:
    • Promotes performance
    • Supports metabolism
    • Contains BioPerine® for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Men’s Sexual Health:
    • Supports blood flow
    • Contains nitric oxide boosters
    • Promotes performance
  • Men’s Vitamins:
    • Supports muscle function
    • Promotes a healthy immune system
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals

By choosing this route, you have the opportunity to save time and money. How? If you are in a rush or just want to get product to market as soon as possible, then our white label formulas are perfect for you. We guarantee freshness and quality no matter what you order.

I say this because men love to prepare for their routine with a preworkout and cool off with a postworkout powder. Not all powder manufacturers create premium protein like Makers Nutrition does. If you steer yourself in the wrong direction, you may be steering yourself towards lost sales. You run the risk of a caking, sticky, weakly-flavored protein powder, when you could have gone with the #1 powder manufacturing partner in the industry. From grass-fed chocolate to vanilla birthday cake protein, we can lock in the best quality possible with flavors appealing to everyone.

Route 2: Custom formulations

You may like the idea of our men’s health products, but want the formula tweaked. In that case, you can request a FREE quote with the exact ingredients you wish to have manufactured in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, gummies, or softgels. You provide the formula, one of our product specialists reaches out, and then a discussion begins about the specifications. During that phone conversation, you can tell us how you want non-GMO, grass-fed protein manufactured into non-caking powder that mixes easily for your customers on the go. Or smooth, red and white capsules that hold all the ingredients from that same powder. Makers Nutrition can service virtually any type of supplement you are looking to offer and urge you to help men reach their health goals, especially during a time of heightened health consciousness among so many consumers.

Custom powder

Should you choose a custom protein to be manufactured, packaged, and fulfilled by Makers Nutrition, we can flavor match what you have in mind. Need a lemon lime, cherry, or coffee flavored powder? We have the advanced flavor systems and expert technicians with the precision required to satisfy your palate and the palates of your soon-to-be customers.


While superfood capsules are feasible, we offer star-shaped red superfood gummies and berry-shaped green superfood pectin gumdrop gummies. This option allows your customers to bite into their own health and benefit from more energy and a supported immune system. Bonus: they are non-GMO and gluten free! These superfoods can also be offered in powder form, with equally tasty flavors!

A change of heart

If you wish to take a different route from sports nutrition, consider today’s consumer emphasis on overall health and wellness. Men are most inclined to take supplements comprising herbal and natural ingredients, those that omit unnecessary additives and certain allergens. They are also interested in consuming supplements that offer cardiovascular support, specifically those that help reduce high blood pressure. These are especially important to men ages 40 and up.

Packaging solutions

Whichever type of product you choose to have serviced, our graphic designers can make them outshine competition. Bottles, bags, boxes—these are all options available to you when partnered with Makers Nutrition. If you are unaware of all the packaging options available, and ask our graphic designers, they do have favorites because they have seen it all with design, labeling, and packaging. Matte finishes are very popular as are stick packs. It’s about what stands out to consumers and draws attention, all while being informative and FDA compliant, which not all supplement manufacturers are keen to ensure, so beware.

Something to consider

The Council for Responsible Nutrition found that 73% of all U.S. men are taking dietary supplements to support their health… a greater percentage than ever before. It is time to widen your target consumer. Men are here for the holistic approaches, the green superfoods, and non-GMO, clean supplements. We can help you deliver top-notch products that demand top-notch quality. We can help you become the brand you want to be! Request a FREE quote today. If you feel more comfortable cutting right to the chase then call us at 1-844-625-3771 and speak with an expert today.


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