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On the Rise: Muscle Strength Supplement Market

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on March 22, 2023

On the Rise: Muscle Strength Supplement Market

The muscle market is no longer exclusive to gym goers and fitness fanatics. Consumers of all ages are driven towards muscle and strength supplements for their vast benefits, which are reaching far beyond just muscle growth. Makers Nutrition can help manufacture, package, and deliver all-encompassing products that suit all of your customers. Read on to learn more!

The market at the moment

The global pre-workout supplement market size was valued at $12.6 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2020-2027. Headed in the same direction, the protein supplement market was valued at $6.26 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8% from 2022-2030.

Reasons for growth

An increasing number of health-conscious consumers is a driving factor of the market growth we are currently seeing. With this growth comes room for innovation, a need to innovate, for both supplement manufacturers and private label health brands. People of all ages, including an aging population, are looking to achieve healthy, active lifestyles. They are appreciating physical strength as a fundamental building block for better overall wellness. These consumers are trying to boost their efforts in exercising more and taking products that suit their palate.

Supplement business plans

It is time to think about where your business stands today and where you would like to see it go. If you do not already have a sports nutrition line on the market, then NOW is the time to manufacture products that help in this wide arena of health benefits. As we know, people are looking to get active and stay active. They want the muscle, the energy, weight management, and more! With a goal and plan in place, you can take your private label to the next level with the supplement manufacturing company that can produce.

Trends on the market

Today, companies like Makers Nutrition and brands like yours are coming together to create something new for consumers. With a widened consumer base taking protein powder, you can expect customers to inquire about the types of protein you have in stock that will support their muscle growth while also pleasing their palate.

What we offer

If you are a startup health brand or smaller investor, you may wish to take the white label route. We have a plethora of flavor options, from vanilla and chocolate to cookies ‘n cream. To suit your very aware customers, we even carry ready-to-go grass-fed, non-GMO, rBGH-free protein powder. With us, you aren’t limited to a few flavors, we have the most popular and the most niche flavors that fit a range of consumers’ demand.

Custom Orders

Should you choose a custom formula that is backed by research, know that we still specialize in advanced flavor systems. With us, you can see sales soar right along with the muscle strength supplement industry boom that currently underway by offering protein that tastes great! We have helped manufacture, package, and fulfill all sorts of flavors and types of protein. Coffee? Caramel macchiato? We’ve got the resources to manufacture the most delicious powder you and your customers have yet to try.

Protein manufacturing

We can serve as your protein manufacturer and far surpass expectations. With next-generation equipment and machinery that churns out the largest and smallest of orders, your supplement process is smooth sailing. And it doesn’t end there. With Makers Nutrition, you will enjoy our above and beyond factor. That means:

  • FDA labeling expertise
  • Custom formulation that meets your specifications
  • GMP-compliant manufacturing and quick delivery
  • Affordable pricing tiers that allow you to reduce your cost per unit

The Makers difference

You may be promised these factors by other protein manufacturers, but very few will follow through on those promises. We stand by our clients and the product they serve their customers, which is why we do everything in our power to ensure safe, high-quality dietary supplements across the board, no matter the format.

If you do decide to expand an already-existing line of sports nutrition powders, know that Makers Nutrition also excels in manufacturing and handling of:

  • Hydrolysate protein
  • Soy protein
  • Casein protein
  • Whey isolate protein
  • Milk protein

Ingredients for protein powder mixes

Now that you have secured a source for supreme supplement manufacturing, you can think about the formula with which you would like us to work. For muscle growth, many top-selling private label brands are turning to the trends. As Mark G. Walin, senior vice president of Business Development and Marketing at BIO-CAT, Inc., told NIE Magazine, “Historic ‘go-to’ ingredients have always been protein and creatine. More recently, creatine is re-emerging, but the approach to protein is changing.”

  • The developments in protein include more efficient and more bioavailable protein, resulting in increased BCAA (branched chain amino acid) release.
  • Plant protein is growing popular, as its market is forecast to be $17.4 billion by 2027.

Why so popular?

Consumers are growing more and more conscious of their well-being and what they can do to aid it along. That includes adding vitamins and supplements to their regimens, as well as exercising more often. In fact, Vicky Davies, global marketing director at Performance, Active & Medical Nutrition, FrieslandCampina Ingredients, reported to NIE Magazine that consumers are increasingly turning to physical activity—60% now say they exercise three times a week. And they are doing so to support overall wellness. Two-thirds of consumers conflate good movement with good health.

Private label expansion

You see, once you have offered a protein supplement that supports endurance and stamina, you can build out your brand with high-quality bone and joint products. While you can take advantage of our low minimum stock tablets, which contain glucosamine sulfate and MSM, and are non-GMO and vegan friendly, you can again provide your custom formula, which we will happily handle. These will surely help your customers in their mobility efforts. Easily request a quote today!

Outpacing competition

Remember, these are older consumers you are targeting, not just young athletes. The senior crowd is getting in on the muscle and strength movement, and with so many other brands offering similar products, you will need the extra zhuzh that tips consumers’ interest in your favor. To do that, we set you up for success with unbeatable customer service and high-caliber product quality at an unmatched value. Our product specialists encourage you to shop around because we have full confidence that there is no bundle deal quite like ours.

How do you get ahead of competition?

You already have a leg up when partnered with Makers Nutrition. What brings you up another notch when it comes to powder and protein manufacturing is the flavoring, the types of protein we work with, and the around-the-clock support we provide for our clients. As stated above, plant protein is growing in popularity. We can have your plant-based protein manufactured exactly as you wish, with no animal derivatives whatsoever. Though it may seem obvious that your protein would be vegan friendly when plant-based, not all supplement manufacturers stay true to your specifications. They can promise you the world, but leave you deceived. Beware! Unlike those companies, we do it right the first time with superior quality control, having sourced the finest raw materials with the best tasting ingredients for you and your customers to enjoy, all up to spec!


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