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The Truth About Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on August 17, 2022

The Truth About Private Label Vitamin Manufacturing

Here’s the thing about partnering with a vitamin manufacturer: you need to find one that values quality, credibility, and customer service as much as your brand does. Why? Because if you don’t, then there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied with results, and neither will consumers.

You get what you pay for

Unlike other companies that serve exclusively as your vitamin manufacturer, Makers Nutrition offers all clients a bundle deal. We handle all the manufacturing, label design, packaging, and fulfillment services of your supreme vitamins and supplements under one roof. If you are new to the nutraceutical industry, you may be wondering why this matters. Finding a manufacturer with a responsible representative to take your calls, a fitting graphic designer who understands your branding message goals, locating a printer that charges unnecessary fees, and then jumping to a high-quality printing company to get your labels done sounds like a lot… because it is! Instead, Makers Nutrition cuts out the excess without cutting corners. We offer competitive pricing for a lot more than what you would get elsewhere. We are the facilitator of everything except marketing, making business much easier for you. When partnered with Makers Nutrition, there would be no need to call five or more companies, you’d just contact the one that safely and efficiently takes care of your private label vitamin business.

FDA registration is important

Where your products are manufactured and handled is critical. There is a set list of regulations the FDA publishes and refreshes to keep companies like ours on their game. Not all vitamin manufacturers do what we do, which is abide by those regulations and keep ourselves educated on any updates from the FDA. We are proud to handle clients’ vitamins and dietary supplements in an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility, and you should know that every product goes through a full compliance check no matter what. We do not distribute any finished product unless our highly trained QA team has approved. Go to another vitamin manufacturing service provider and you might not get similar treatment. That provider might just tell you want you want to hear for the sake of a sale. Beware.

Value in variety

The types of products a supplement manufacturing company can make is vital. Without variety, your growth and success potential becomes limited. A custom order can be placed this very moment from anyone around the world by first requesting a quote and speaking with one of our product specialists who can answer any questions you may have about capsules, tablets, caplets, softgels, powders, and gummies. While other supplement manufacturers do not, we have direct access to the resources required to produce unparalleled quality in any product you choose to order.

How Makers Nutrition Evolved

We are the leading provider of all things dietary supplements because of the knowledge we have gained over the years through industry trends and more importantly, stories from our clients. They share with us nightmares experienced with previous, subpar manufacturers who were entrusted only to let them down. A majority of their stories include:

Customer Service

How many times have you called about a phone bill and been put on hold for what feels like ages? How many times have you yelled into the receiver “customer service!” until someone answers? We have all been there, and it’s frustrating, which is why our team mastered the art of simply answering. It might not sound like much, but it sure does mean a lot to business owners and medical doctors who just need a yes or no answer when they have a limited time to speak. That’s right, we have hundreds of licensed physicians who have branched out with their own supplement brand to offer patients. While the FDA does not approve dietary supplements individually, the agency oversees what types of products are put on the market and they do monitor for false or dangerous claims listed on packaging. So, it is extremely important to these doctors that their supplement manufacturer does everything correctly and within the confines of the law.

Lack of options

All too often, as mentioned above, vitamin manufacturing companies do not provide a large enough array. They don’t have the capacity to handle different types of supplements or maintain the capabilities and stock formulas readily available for private labeling like we do. If you are thinking of launching a private label vitamin brand, then it is essential to learn the typical minimum order quantities (MOQs) and pricing, so you know how to shop wisely. We want startups to hit the ground running, so we leveled the playing field for many aspiring business owners. Makers Nutrition goes as low as 500 bottles with competitive pricing so that smaller investors can have the chance at success other big brand names have acquired over time. Our white label stock options include the following and much, much more:

  • Omega-3 softgels
  • Multivitamin gummies
  • Pre-workout powder
  • Eye health capsules
  • Bone and Joint tablets

Fulfillment Complications

“They lost my product,” “they could not house my softgels,” “I couldn’t track my order.” These are phrases we’ve heard from clients who aren’t asking for much. These are also issues that arise when not partnered with an award-winning vitamin manufacturing company. Our freight solution is simple. We utilize advanced 3PL software to catalog and store your product before scheduling a delivery to any location within the continental USA. When recently speaking on the topic of our freight and fulfillment services, Executive Vice President Steve Finnegan shared, “Our fulfillment centers are integrated with all of the top-e-commerce platforms, and we work with the

biggest and best transportation companies in the country to provide our clients with the best-priced, fully insured delivery options for everything from a single bottle to a truckload. We have negotiated the absolute best discounts with all our carriers, and we pass along the savings to our clients.” You see, Makers Nutrition isn’t there for you just during the manufacturing process. We are there every step of the way, from concept to completion, or should I say, delivery.

Be a force of change for dietary supplement consumers

Whether it’s immune system function, cognitive function, pet health, or any other area of health, consumers with a diverse range of concerns continue to find supplements to be helpful in reaching and maintaining wellness goals. With all the social media influencers and TikToks out there, it can be a challenge for people to know which product is safest and of the highest quality. In addition to your strategic advertising, you have the perfect opportunity to show people why your brand is different from the endless array on shelves in virtually every supermarket, CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, and nutrition store.

Why starting a vitamin business is a smart move

When COVID-19 hit the globe, immune supplement sales skyrocketed twofold. It was the biggest influx of orders Makers Nutrition had ever experienced. Today, even with COVID hopefully dissipating, people are still interested in antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory ingredients, especially in the form of premium-grade products. According to Penn Medicine, more than one third of Americans take dietary supplements. Multivitamins and mineral supplements make up 40% of all vitamin sales, and about 30% of adults 65 and older take four or more supplements of any kind. Be it Makers Nutrition as your vitamin manufacturing partner or not, we want vitamin brand owners to make the decisions that are best for their business. Remember, your product is only as good as your supplement manufacturer, so choose wisely.

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