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Why You Should be Selling Private Label Vegan Capsules

Industry by Rosemary Tambini on September 7, 2022

Why You Should be Selling Private Label Vegan Capsules

There are nearly 80 million vegans in the world today, and that number is only getting higher. Many vegans are dietary supplement users who are also uncompromising when it comes to the products they take. By this I mean there is more of a chance they will refuse to purchase vitamins or supplements that are misleadingly labeled or contain unnecessary ingredients. With the global vegan and plant-based products market on the rise, now is the time to start manufacturing with the help of Makers Nutrition.

The stats

To know why you should be offering certain private label products, you’ll first need to know some important information Nutrition Industry Executive has compiled. According to Lonza’s Director of Global Marketing Lindsey Toth, MS, RD, 40% of supplement users state that “vegan” is an important feature in their purchasing decisions, and the number of supplement users who say that ‘plant-based’ is very important to them when buying grew by 25% between 2013 and 2020. Behaviors are also changing across demographics, with younger consumers strongly preferring non-animal-derived supplements. There is a new wave of conscientiousness among the younger generation. They are more concerned about the planet and all living things that inhabit it. They want to turn a corner on how we eat, what we eat, and the way we go about getting our vitamins and minerals. And it seems to really be catching on.

Uncompromising Consumers

52% of supplement users rate organic as “very important” in their purchasing decisions, with ‘from natural sources’ and ‘knowing the source of ingredients’ being a purchase factor for 71% and 72% of consumers, respectively. Consumers are also unwilling to compromise on quality, convenience, and sensory performance, or what they experience when taking the supplement. Today, people are more health conscious than ever before. They take time to research not only the best prices, but the best sources of what they eat or take as a dietary supplement. It used to sound trendy, “vegan friendly,” “organically sourced,” but now it is a selling point for many health brands like yours.

Manufacturing Private Label Vegan Capsules

When the millions of vegan eaters are supplementing with a gluten-free, filler-free product, they are typically shopping for capsules because they outpace most other formats of supplements. Capsules continue to be the consistently preferred format for over 50% of consumers around the world. The reason why is simple: convenience. Young, middle aged, and older folks want a quick and easy way to get their nutrients, be it Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, omega-3s, or pretty much any other ingredient that is highly sought out by vegans. Makers Nutrition has the capability and capacity to handle the manufacturing of your clean, vegan and plant-based capsule that consumers will keep coming back for.

What keeps customers coming back?

When you partner with a vitamin manufacturer, you need the peace of mind knowing you can rely on them through and through. It can sometimes be difficult trusting that the manufacturer will produce what they promise, but with Makers Nutrition, you have nothing to worry about. We have handled the manufacturing, designing, packaging, and fulfillment for companies of all sizes, brands from both the tri-state area and abroad. With around-the-clock client care, we are at your service 24/7. Unlike a typical vitamin manufacturer that only manufactures supplements, Makers Nutrition is an all-in-one provider with results that speak for themselves. We know there are business opportunities just around the corner for vitamin companies, and we want to see them succeed, so we do everything we can to make that success a reality. We handle the manufacturing, designing, packaging, and fulfillment, sure, but we also provide the sort of guidance tomorrow industry leaders need to get ahead of competition, including keys not all providers grant their clients. Take capsule quality for example…

Capsule Quality

Plant-based ingredients do offer vitamin brands an opportunity to accommodate vegetarians, flexitarians, and vegans. However, another challenge you would skirt by partnering with Makers Nutrition is uncertainty with quality. It is important to know that these ingredients must be expertly managed through manufacturing and delivery. Why? Certain ingredients used in plant-based formulas are sensitive to an array of environmental conditions like light, acid, moisture, and oxygen. When you are working with Makers Nutrition, you can count on us to keep all ingredients, which are sourced from the finest raw materials, in proper conditions. Your finished products will have been carefully manufactured and packaged in a state-of-the-art GMP facility that FDA registered. They will also have gone through rigorous QC testing before we set anything up for delivery and distribution, keeping you and your customers safe.

HPMC and Pullulan

The two main types of vegan and vegetarian capsules on the market are Hypromellose (HPMC) capsules (aka Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose) and Pullulan. HPMC caps offer technical benefits like chemical stability, low moisture content, and lack of crosslinking, making it an excellent alternative to gelatin capsules, which are bovine, porcine, and sometimes fish based. Pullulan is a newer capsule that is beginning to meet market demands for more natural and vegetable products. Pullulan is a naturally occurring, bland, and tasteless polymer, which is sourced from fungi grown on a starch substrate. Interestingly, the human body does not absorb pullulan, meaning that only the ingredients of the capsule, not the capsule itself, are obtained. Better, this type of capsule can be marketed as natural and biodegradable, appealing to the more eco-conscious. Remember this when formulating your next custom capsule formula.

Supplements Vegans Need

As for what goes into your custom HPMC or Pullulan capsule, here are some nutrients your vegan customers may need.

1. Vitamin B12: Numerous studies show that while anyone can be low in Vitamin B12, vegetarians and vegans are at a higher risk of deficiency. B12 is critical for protein metabolism, nervous system health, and production of oxygen-transporting red blood cells. And since the vitamin comes from most animal-based foods like beef, tuna, salmon, eggs, milk, and other dairy products, vegans especially need to keep up on their supplemental intake.

2. Vitamin D: This sunshine vitamin is required for the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the gut, and impacts mood, memory, and immune function. Though some foods contain Vitamin D, around 42% of U.S. adults are deficient. Since the foods that do have the nutrient are salmon, swordfish, beef liver, and sardines, vegans may have a particularly difficult time maintaining adequacy without supplementation. Therefore, a private label plant-based Vitamin D capsule may be exactly what your animal-derivative-free customers don’t even know they need. To spread this information, you could utilize your product packaging, with which our expert designers can help you, your brand’s website, and marketing material.

3. Omega-3 fatty acids: Research continues to show that vegetarians and vegans have up to 50% lower blood and tissue concentrations of EPA and DHA than meat-eating people. That is why most health professionals suggest an algae oil-based supplement, which can easily be manufactured into a high-quality vegan omega-3 capsule.

With the above information, you are now well-equipped to get started on your vegan capsules targeted toward a range of consumers and their various health goals. When you are ready to request a quote or give us a call, Makers Nutrition will be here for you every step of the way.


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